Monday, February 22, 2010

Fairey's Artwork Not Jus For The Gallery

Last Friday, Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center snubbed its nose at Vanity Fair's article and hosted the opening to an art exhibit by Shepard Fairey, the famous artist behind the iconic Obama election characiture.

There should be no excuse for you not checking out the exhibit while its here in town.  It leaves tow August 22.

If you are not privey to looking at artwork hanging on about if its handing on the side of a building?

Days be for the openeing, Fairey was sheparded around Over-the-Rhine and Northside as he stenciled some of his artwork on the outside of buildings for the world to see for free.

Here are the locations: 13th and 14th block of Main St, on the side on Grammer's and atop Shake-It Records in Northside.

Pictures are the murals displayed on 13th and 14th streets.