Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Way-Back Wednesday

The following is an article I wrote about OTR and the opening of the new remodeled Fountain Square. Not soooo Way-Back but what can I say.

What's Happaning Downtown?

Over the past few years, Cincinnati has been plagued with negative national publicity. The Cincinnati Riots of 2001 coupled with the multiple killings of African American youth have given a black eye to Cincinnati, especially its downtown area. Shortly after the Cincinnati Riots of 2001, many prominent African American celebrities and leaders canceled their engagements in Cincinnati in the name of a boycott. Some among the list of ‘boycotter’ were Bill Cosby (comedian and Cosby Show fame) and comedienne and Academy Award winner Whoppie Goldberg.

Things are starting to change here in Cincinnati so do not let the past negative press deter you from visiting the Queen City. While here not only can you take in either a Major League baseball game in Great American Ball Park, you can also walk a few city blocks and partake in the fervor frenzy of a National Football League football game in Paul Brown Stadium. Currently, Cincinnati’s professional football team, the Cincinnati Bengals are well on their way to recapturing the AFC Championships as they did in 1988, and on their way to another appearance at the Super Bowl.

Sports are not the only thing that Cincinnati has going for it. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is unabashedly positioned in between Cincinnati’s two professional spots team’s stadium. Located on The Banks of the Ohio River, you can meander through this state of the art museum and learn about Cincinnati’s role as being the gateway and primary destination for African Americans as they escaped the horrid institution of slavery in the South.

This museum was one of Cincinnati’s first instances in its pro-active stance to bring culture to this city. Other attractions, thought not permanent, that you could find here at Cincinnati are its annual MidPoint Music Festival, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati or you may be able to catch the high flying antiques of Cirque de Soleil.

This push towards cultural diversity is nothing new to the downtown area of Cincinnati. The ‘Final Friday’ (FF) event that has been taking place in the Pendleton neighborhood has been a staple of downtown living for at least the past two decades. Over the years this display of monthly exhibition of artesian expression has spread to other parts of downtown and Over-the-Rhine (OTR) areas to include the downtown business districts and Main Street. This event occurs (as you may know from the name) on the last Friday of every month, from 8pm to 10pm, where art gallery and shops in the downtown keep their doors open later than normal, seducing patrons with free wine and appetizers. I fell in love with this even my first year of college when the parent’s of a high-school friend opened an art studio in this area and invited my to my first FF event.

The crowning jewel of Cincinnati and one of the most notable landmarks of downtown is Fountain Square where you will find the Tyler Davidson Fountain. A must see if you are visiting within 50 miles of the area or any area in Greater Cincinnati. Currently, The Square, as it is so affectionately called to those who were born and raised in the Queen City, has been under a major face lift. The last time that The Square was remodeled was in the 70’s. Closed for the past several months, The Square is scheduled to re-open October 14, 2006, with a celebration that you should not miss if you are visiting the area. There are many hotels in the downtown area were you can stay to experience the re-opening celebration where the unveiling of the poem, ‘I am Cincinnati’ written for and read by native Cincinnatian and distinguished author Nikki Giovonni.

The weekend of the re-opening celebration of The Square is a perfect time to visit the city of Cincinnati and experience all of the uniqueness that this city has to offer. At the celebration, there will be performances by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet and the Cincinnati Opera, in addition to the unveiling of the new and improved Tyler Davidson Fountain. Other attractions of this weekend will be performances by OK Go, a band that is mixed between indie, stadium and straight up rock. Nationally known Talib Kweli and the band Los Lobos will also e in attendance for performances.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Prospects for the Bengals

I love watching sports (mostly college basketball and pro-football).

I love watching sports when the home team is involved (UC Bearcats, Xavier Musketeers and Cincinnati Bengals).

Basketball season over, the only thing that I have to (other than the Summer Olympics) is Pro-foot ball, and with this season's picks, I think that the Bengals may have close to a chance of doing pretty well.

Just as long as they keep their players who do not want to play for them off the field.

Here is a rundown of what transpired:

Round / Overall / Player / Pos. / School

1 / 9 / Keith Rivers / LB

2 / 46 / Jerome Simpson / WR / Coastal Carolina

3 / 77 / Pat Sims / DT / Auburn

3/ 97 / Andre Caldwell / WR / Florida

4/ 112 / Anthony Collins / OT-G / Kansas

5/ 145 / Jason Shirley / DT / Fresno State

6/ 177 / Corey Lynch / S / Appalachian State

6 / 207 / Matt Sherry / TE / Villanova

7/ 244 / Angelo Craig / DE-LB / Cincinnati (Yeah for the Queen City!)

7 / 246 / Mario Urrutia / WR / Louisville

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Mom's Birthday at Nada

My family surprised my mom last night for her 50th birthday at Nada.

The birday girl is in the green.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who Decides?

Reading today's online version of the Enquirer, there were 4 announcements of arrests here in Hamilton County and the times which the accused criminals were to be arraigned.

Attached to the articles were mug shots of those scheduled to be arraigned...

Except for one.

Cops: Man broke newborn's leg A 21 year-old man accused of breaking a newborn baby's leg will answer to a judge this morning.

Accused box cutter attackers in court WESTWOOD — A man and a woman will appear in Hamilton County Municipal Court at 9 a.m. today on charges they attacked her two adult children with a box cutter.

Police: Mom left boy on I-71 OAKLEY - A 27-year-old woman will go before a Hamilton County judge at 12:30 p.m.

Motorcycle chase runs onto sidewalk A motorcyclist who led Cincinnati police on a high speed chase late Wednesday — forcing pedestrians on a sidewalk to jump out of his path - will appear before a Hamilton County judge at 9 a.m. today.

-Notice a pattern here?

Who decides which mug shots are published?

Do the accused criminals have a say or is it solely up to the Enquirer?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pendleton Neighborhood's 6th Annual Spring Fling Celebration: June 7th 12pm to 3pm

Its that time of year again!

I will again be organizing this year's annual Spring Fling / Information Fair for the neighborhood.
The goal of the Spring Fling is to display, promote and generate awareness regarding summer activities within and around our neighborhood for the children who reside in Pendleton. This is a great opportunity for organizations to reach out to the community and inform the residents of Pendleton about what they have to offer them for the summer

At this event, organizations will be able to showcase their programs while providing an activity/game for the children and adults who visit your booth.

Click on here for more information and click on Events / Volunteer.

The following are just some of the organizations who have committed to be present:

St. Mary's Baptist Church
Kidz Club
Mr. Bubbles Detailing
Peaslee Neighborhood Center
Public Library of Cincinnati
Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
Patchwork Kids

and more to come.

If you or your organization are interested in being a part of the day, please feel feel free. We would love to have you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inside Outside in the Q

Today was definitely a day to get out and enjoy downtown. I decided to hit up Lavo-matique for a light brunch and then on the way home, stopped in to check out the new store Outside.

I love what the owner, Terry Lee has done with the place. Not that it was bad before, the transition of the ceiling from a darker blue to white has really opened the place up. i guess that a necessity for a door devoted to outdoors.

I see great things for this store. I left with a little present for the birds in the yard.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just Another Day

I snapped these photos on my way home frm the gym the other day. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stop and Smell The Roses

Or in this case, the amarillas

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hind sight is 20 /20

I was walking home the other day and as I traveled north on Sycamore St. I came across this scene.

The City seems to be doing some street work in front of the old Vinyl restaurant. To direct traffic, there is a large lighted arrow directing north-bound traffic to the left side of the street. I tried to get a photo of it, but my camera phone is not that extravagant. With the naked eye, it would look as though the large arrow was directing people to go into Vinyl.

Do you think if this was there when Vinyl was in operation, they would have gotten enough foot traffic to stay open?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

University of Cincinnati Student Lands National Title

I was checking my admission status to UC this afternoon and ran across this article on thier website. Sometimes I forget how pretigious UC can be.

Photo Curtesy of University of Cincinnati

Friday, April 04, 2008

3 Doors Down Shoot Next Video Next Door

I have heard of the band, 3 Doors Down before, but since I am a conasour of early to mid 90's R&B and pop music, this band somehow slipped under my radar.

Doing a bit of research, it looks as though they have been around for while and have sold over 13 million albums in the US alone since thier debut album in 2000.Nothing to shake a stick at.I was walking home from work yesterday and happened upon this band shooting the video to their next single coming out in a month or so. The name of the song escapes me right now, but as I listened to them, they were not half bad.

Bare with me, I am still working on purchasing a new camera so that the video is of better quality, but here is what a shot during the shoot.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

From the Bottoms to The Banks

Being a fledgling history buff, I have viewed numerous renditions of what the Queen City looked like in the past, but for some reason, I have not run across many photos of the city between the years of 1950 and the beginning of the 20th century.

With the ground breaking of The Banks Project in just a on Wednesday, The Enquirer does a great job chronicling the history of the area that The Banks will occupy.

I know that most of you ready this have already took a look at the piece, and I would like to know what you think about it or if you have anything else to add...I am all ears!