Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guide To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Part 2): Where To Stay

Only second to air fare, where you rest your head takes up most of the time when it comes to planning your trip. To us gay men, the three most important questions that we think about when deciding on which hotel to book are the following:

- How close it the hotel to the beach?

- Is there an open bar located in the hotel lobby?

- How attractive are the pool boys?

Though these are top concerns for most gay men, I am a bit more frugal than some of my counterparts. So when choosing a hotel I settled for looking at its proximity to the beach, price of the hotel and hotness of the cabana boy (I make my own drinks, thank you very much).

For those who are looking for a safer, high end stay, you will find your best find with Blue Seas Beach Resort. Located steps away from the famous gay portion of Puerto Vallarta's beach front, for a price range of $180 to $235 (American) per night you can stay in a hotel that claims to be the only luxury beach front hotel catering to the gay and lesbian community in Puerto Vallarta.

For those who are looking to stay in a place with a bit more "naughty" clientele, the Vallarta Cora is the place to lay your head. For a not so subtle fee of $85 to $120 (American) per night, and with its combination of hotel, bar and 'men only' spa, one would not have to leave the premises to satisfy all of one's needs (unless of course you wanted to eat, but who needs to do that).

For an even mix of the two extremes mentioned above, my best pick would be Boana Torres Malibu. Its location is just steps away from the afore mentioned Blue Seas Hotel, coupled with its affordable rates (ranging from $45 to $190 American per night) and on site swimming pool make it a great spot for any gay minded individual wanting to make the most of their visit (and the pool boy is not half bad looking either).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guide To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Made famous more than four decades ago with Elizabeth Taylor's infatuation for this seaside oasis, over the years Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has morphed into a vacation destination, with its popularity mostly lying with North Americans. This, coupled with its location on Mexico's western coast and its close proximity to cities such as Guadalajara, make it one of the most desired vacation destinations in the world.

These facts have not been lost on the gay Cincinnatians. With our love of tropical locations and scantily clad male genitalia, coupled with out afinity of spending our summer months at indoor water parks (isn't that a oxymoron?), Puerto Vallarta has quickly risen to one of the most sought out destinations for us to let down our hair and let loose from some of the conservative mentalities found in the States.

As with many tourist spots, Puerto Vallarta is not unlike them when it comes to cheesy attractions and shifty eyed con-men, but the following will serve as the gay men's guide to navigating the city of Puerto Vallarta the next time that you decide to visit. In turn, by following this guide found in the next few day's posts, your next Mexican vacation may very well find yourself in the arms of a bronzed behemoth on the sandy beach rather than in a cold damp prison cell.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PrideLove Cincy Auction @ Below Zero

Last night I was auctioned off @ Below Zero and all benefits went to Stop AIDS.

OK...I did not reel in the more than respectable $200 that one of the other auctionees did, but I guess $45 is nothing to shake a stick

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

I know I have not been updating my blog as often as I should be.

The past few weeks have been crazy!

Volunteering for STOP AIDS,

Polishing of some chapters in both my fiction and non-fiction books,


Handling the influx of new clients of my start-up company, due to the slumping economy is all keeping me a bit occupied.

But don't fear....a new blog post is i the works and more will follow

Friday, April 03, 2009

OTR's Delima/Blessing

In this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer, there was a great article about how suburban parents are toting the Q’s recent developments. The article went on to boast that it is mostly young, first time home buyers who are making the big purchase.

I can’t say enough about how much I love to see this once dilapidated part of Vine Street thriving with excited young property owners and vibrant business. There are a few things that worry me about the quick development of the area:

1. How does this urban revitalization affect the lower income residents?

Some of the reasons that OTR has been looked down upon by suburbanites is because of the over abundance of low income housing which populate this area. Historically, a low income environment fosters an environment of crime, but in my experience, criminals who reside in low income areas tend to be in the minority, with the majority of inhabitants being law abiding citizens. Will the Q’s gentrification efforts be detrimental to the low income non-homers who already reside there?

2. What are business / organizations doing capitalize on this influx of new home owners?

As stated before, a majority of the people gobbling up new condos in The Q are young, professionals (sans children) who are rebelling from their suburban up-bringing. But what will we do when they decide to raise a family? Though there is a plethora of charter schools in the area, there are few Cincinnati Public schools (one being a magnet school) and only one choice for a grocery store. You would think that one of the largest grocers in the world would have a higher expectation for their first location than predicting that it will lose money (yeah, I am calling you out Korger's).

3. Where is everyone going to park?

With this influx of residents, along come their vehicles. This coupled with the nontraditional opposition to the streetcar initiative from the NAACP, and the in ability to get bike lanes or scooter parking spaces on the street will cause a cluster when all of the condos are fully occupied. I guess the alternative would be to develop OTR into a series of high rises and parking garages.

Maybe Cincinnati is working under the old adage that “If you build it, they will come”. It may have worked in the movie “Field of Dreams”, but honey, this is no silver screen.