Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guide To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Made famous more than four decades ago with Elizabeth Taylor's infatuation for this seaside oasis, over the years Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has morphed into a vacation destination, with its popularity mostly lying with North Americans. This, coupled with its location on Mexico's western coast and its close proximity to cities such as Guadalajara, make it one of the most desired vacation destinations in the world.

These facts have not been lost on the gay Cincinnatians. With our love of tropical locations and scantily clad male genitalia, coupled with out afinity of spending our summer months at indoor water parks (isn't that a oxymoron?), Puerto Vallarta has quickly risen to one of the most sought out destinations for us to let down our hair and let loose from some of the conservative mentalities found in the States.

As with many tourist spots, Puerto Vallarta is not unlike them when it comes to cheesy attractions and shifty eyed con-men, but the following will serve as the gay men's guide to navigating the city of Puerto Vallarta the next time that you decide to visit. In turn, by following this guide found in the next few day's posts, your next Mexican vacation may very well find yourself in the arms of a bronzed behemoth on the sandy beach rather than in a cold damp prison cell.

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