Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amy Does Davey

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enquirer Endorses McCain

This is what I thought as well when I clicked on to their website and read the following rhetoric:

The funny thing is that I fear that The Enquirer will cave in to its big money backers and flow down the same road as the guy who wrote this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Money, Fame and the Financial Bailout

I hosted a dinner party last night with 20 or so friends of mine and, as with most dinner parties, current events came up in the conversation. As we muddled through political woes, national and local, the topic of the economic "crisis came up.

I was surprised to find out that not too many people fully understood the steps that are being taken to keep our nation from moving from the constraints of an economic recession into the throws of an economic depression. More specifically, it was more of a question as to whether or not we here in Cincinnati will benefit from the interest rate cuts announced by the Federal Reserve (The Fed).

Q: So is the bailout another case of the rich people looking out for other rich people?A: Yes and no. With this lower interest rate, banks will begin to lower rates that they offer their customers. These banks will most likely offer lower rates to those who already have good credit.

Q: Will the rate cuts help fix the financial crisis? A: Most likely not anytime soon, but it will eventually. The main reason why the country is in a economic scare is because banks are holding on to their money and not lending to Joe Smo’ around the corner, and the interest rates cuts do not effect that directly.
Q: What exactly is this rate that was cut? A: The Fed cut the federal funds rate, which banks charge each other for loans.

Q: So if these rate cuts aren't going to work, what will work?A: So soon we forget. there was a $700 Billion governmental loan to these banks, purchasing their bad debts and, hopefully, loosening their pocketbooks so that their lending practices become a bit more liquid.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers: Just Getting Started

These five gentlemen are one of the most talented singers that I have ever witnessed.

Though I have only seen The Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers perform locally, I am sure that if there were placed up against some of my favorite vocalist such as Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross and the like, they would definitely be able to hold their own.

Being born and raised in Covington, I have seen them perform several times and each time was just as invigorating as the first. Here is a video of them performing my favorite song of theirs in Spain last year.

Not tooting my own horn, they actually performed back up for me a few times. They have have graciously provided their services for several of my family member's "homecoming" celebrations, and for that, I very great full.

The first time was when at my little brother's 8th grade graduation. One of the band member's daughter graduated with my brother and since I had gone to the school as well, I was asked to perform at the ceremony.

The second time was when I performed the National Anthem at Kenton County Library's 1st Annual Fall Folk Festival. We never even practiced before we performed. The told me just to sing and they will improvise the back ground vocals for me.

Click here to watch them the National Anthem at the Great American Ball Park for one of the Red's games.

You can read about this amazing singing group in an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. You can also experience a live performance Thursday, Oct 9 at The Carnegie in Covington.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Public Libraries and the Digital Divide: Part 1

The ever changing discoveries in science and technology are changing the way that we all live around the world each day. No other aspect better exemplifies this than computer technology.

Over the past 50 years we have seen this technology lead us from a one of the first computing machines which weighed as much as five adult male elephants to the computers of today which now is smaller than one’s fingertip. Not only has the computer come a long way in its development, but its advancement has changed the way that people all over the world communicate with one another.

In the process of this stellar advancement, there have been a segment of the population which has lagged in the access of all of the technology available. Those left behind have traditionally been lower socio-economic levels.

This lag or disparity in access to computers and the Internet has been labeled the digital divide.[i] There have been several rules of thought as to if the continued advancement in computer technologies and The Internet will continue to widen the Digital Divide or make that chasm a bit narrower.

Whether or not you think that the Digital Divide is widening, non-profit organizations and other organizations serves an invaluable role in adding in bridging the gap between the Have’s and the Have Not’s. With these organizations providing much needed assistance to those who would not otherwise be able to gain access to computers and The Internet.

Public Libraries are a perfect example of this. For example, just in the past two decades, the number computers in the average public library has increased insurmountable compared to the increase in literary material and has caused some libraries’ attendance to rival the attendance some small amusement parks.[ii] In a series of blog posts, I will attempt to explain advancement in computer science and shed some light as to what public libraries’ roles are and can be in the narrowing of the Digital Divide.

[ii] "Information: The Perfect Economic Good" Kareem A. Simpson (2004)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Red Bull Soapbox Races....Nati Style!

Sorry not too many pics of the actual racers. It was sooo crowded in Mt. Adams that if you did not get there several hours before the actual race, you were stuck watching the entire race in the jumbo-tron or you had great views of the backs of people's head.

After about 20 minutes of Trying to watch the race, we relegated ourselves to City View Tavern for Bloody Mary's and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Vep's Primetime Showdown

In last night fort and only vice presidential debate, I felt that both parties put on their best face. Gov. Palin seemed to stave off the detrimental pho-paus that have brought her late night crave on comedy sketches. In addition, Sen. Biden did the same by not living up to his long-winded, sometimes nonsensed rhetorical style of debating. Despite my somewhat biased thought, I feel that both Vep wanna-be's showed their best in last night's debate.

Saying this, I do feel that there was a clear cut winner.

Sen. Biden portrayed a calm and collected voice of reason in the shadow of Palin's tom-boyish, "go get-em" attitude. For example, when Gov. Palin stated that Sen. Obama cast his vote to raise taxes 94 times, which was true, Sen. Biden rebutted and countered her allegation by stating that if Sen. McCain were to be held under the same way in which Sen. Obama, it would be discovered that Sen. McCain would have voted to raise taxes 477 times.

It just seemed to me that Palin spent her two days in Arizona, prepping for this debate, by trying to find statistical information which makes Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden look bad with out checking deeply into her own ticket's history.