Friday, November 30, 2007

Korean Night Frenzy

Tomorrow will be the second monthly themed dinner party that my group of friends through. Each month, whoever is picked to host that month's dinner also gets to choose the type of cuisine.

Last month, I was chosen to host this month's dinner and, of course, I choose Korean.

Also, each guest is supposed to bring a portion of the meal. I am slated to prepare Bibbimbap.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Procter and Gamble....You Have Come A Long Way ...Baby!

It was back in 1837 that the international giant Procter & Gamble began here in Cincinnati. More specifically, it was when candle maker William Procter and soap maker James Gamble married the Norris sisters (Olivia and Elizabeth) and, at the behest of their mutual father-in-law, merged their separate fledgling businesses to create what many around the world now know as P&G.

If the the two entrepreneurs only could have imagined that one day their company, who began to see the fruits of its labor when the company secured a lucrative contract with the US military during the Civil War, would open centers all across the world. Including its newest one in Geneva.

They sure have come a long!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Downtown Cincinnati "Lights Up The Square"

I am so glad that I took off work yesterday.

I made a valiant effort to work the day after Thanksgiving, but with family and friends coming into town, it got a bit too over whelming, so Wednesday afternoon I informed my supervisor that I would be taking Friday off.

I spent the Friday with family and found some great bargains at some of the stores that we hit up. The best one being the 4 GB flash drive that I found at Staples. Usually this mega memory stick runs for a cool $80, but Friday morning I was able to pick it up for only $20!

Can't beat that.

In the evening, I took in the Light Up The Square Celebration that officially rings in the Holiday season here in the Queen City. The following are a few pics for the evening.

It was great to see Fountain Square so packed with people, but the proceeding of events could have been changed up a bit.
It took abit longer than expected for Santa to arrive and when he did, the crowd was so ready to leave that they began to chant "Light-The-Tree!"
Once the tree was lit, the crowd started to immediately head out. I guess they forgot that there was a fire works display scheduled immediately following the tree lighting.
After the events, I was able to stick my head into Nada, which will be opening next week. It looks amazing! I can't wait to partake. I then grabbed a cocktail and a light dinner at Sung, the new Korean place downtown. I have to say, its good but Riverside still had my vote.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Global Warming...Now Do You Believe Us

Talk about Global Warming. Today temperature here in Cincinnati is supposed to reach 70 degrees. Its two days before Thanksgiving and I woke up this morning contemplating if I should wear a light jacket to work or no jacket at all.

There have been many credible scientist who have tried to disqualify the fact that human consumption is leading to the rise in temperatures world wide, some stating that spikes in temperatures are nothing new. I agree, there definitely is a pattern of warming than cooling over the millions of years that earth has been in existence, but tell me when was the last time it hit 70 degrees here in the Queen City days before Turkey Day?

Since this green thing is taking hold around the county, I thought I would give a little insight as to what I am trying to do (although small) to decrease my footprint in the world.

Having a car is sooo suburban...
I live downtown so there is not too many spaces to park. I have decided to forgo having a car and take public transportation to and from work. I don't suggest this to those who already have a 40 min + commute to and from work, but for those downtowner who live and work in the city should look into getting rid of the gas guzzler. If not completely doing away with it, just drive it on the weekends.

Paper is as paper does...
When at restaurants or other public places, I opt to letting my hands air dry instead of using one or two pieces of those paper towels after I wash my hands. There is nothing more wasteful than using something for less than a second or two and having the remnants last considerably longer.

and last but not least,


Those are just a few things that I have opted for....look for more to come.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well, This NAMjA Is Back In "Da Nati"

I am back from my whirl wind trip to Philadelphia.

Some may be asking of all the places to visit for the weekend, why would I choose Philly?

Well, despite the vibrant night life, cultural history and fabulous shopping, I was there for a job interview.

So this Cincinnati NAMjA may become Philadelphia NAMjA

I have to say, I did enjoy the four days that I spent in the city. Though I stayed at a hotel near the airport (not my first choice), via public transportation I was only a few short minutes from downtown. The city's layout was very easy to follow, causing me only to get lost once, which is not bad.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see historical Philadelphia. On the day that I planned to sight see that part, it rained.

Well, if I get the position, I will have all the time in the world to see it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

This Goes Out To Those Who Serve(d)

I am still in Philly and got to see what morning commuting is like here in this town. Honestly, I did not think it was that bad. Of course, this is a National Holiday.

I would like to thank the men and women how stood, and still continue to stand, in harms way to protect our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Truck Crashes Into Wall

I have been in Philadelphia for the past few days. I left early Saturday minoring to drive to Columbus, OH only to fly back through Cincinnati, heading to Philly.

Anyway....I digress

I was sitting in my hotel room waiting for the Bengals game when I saw this story on CNN's Headline news.

I tell you, I go out of town for one weekend and hell breaks loose.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Morning After

Well, another election day has come and gone. A bit smoother than I had expected. Don't expect next year's election day to be as calm.

I have decided to give my commentary (albeit a bit bias) about some of the ramifications of the election results.

Verdict #1: Cincinnati City Council (I guess no change is good)
In yesterday's election, all 9 incumbent city council members were re-elected. This seemed to be a good idea. All incumbent council members have had a great record on working together and tyring to get things accomplished (such as cutting down on crime and moving along The Banks Project).

Verdict #2: Issue 27 (The Jail Tax gets stuffed, for the second time)
For the second consecutive election year, the tax that would allow for a larger, better equipped rehabilitation facility that would replace several of the outdated facilities here in Hamilton county was defeated. Not unlike last year, approval seemed to be based on racial lines, meaning, the only districts where the tax was approved were predominately white.

It seems to me to be a bunch of lip service on the part of constituents here in Greater Cincinnati. There is an over whelming support of more police patrols in order to cut down on crime, but when it comes time for the citizens to actually pay for it, everyone runs and hides. Case, in point, the non-approval of The Jail Tax.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crossing The River...Part 2

After the Kid's Bowl event, I took in some sights of the old neighborhood. On the corner of Madison and 7th you can find a series of mosaic benches like the one pictured here.

Crossing The River

Today I striated the Ohio River and spent an afternoon in Covington, Ky, the city that I grew up. Thought it is just across the river, I seldom get a chance to make it back over here.

At Baker Hunt, located in Covington, the Clay Alliance held an event benefiting children where each of their members are asked to make 10 clay bowls. We pay $25 and we get one of the bowls and a bowl of soup. During the day, you can watch several people throwing clay.

It was a wonderful afternoon for this event. Here is a picture of the second clay thrower that I snapped on my way out.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random Shots of Downtown Cincinnati

On my way yo the Gym At Carew this morning, I thought I would take a few shots of the city.

Here is a pic of the American Building on the corner of Central and Walnut.

Just across the street is this beautiful building, The Emory building. The basement is where you can find my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Emporium.

Here is a pic of the new restaurant, Cadillac Ranch. I was not too impressed with the food when I went, but the facade is great for the city. You can find this view from the corner of Walnut and 6th. The last time I walked by here, Nick Lachey was enjoying a drink on the patio.
The next few pics are of Fountain Square between Main and Walnut on 5th. You can see that preparations are underway for the ice skating rink.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I know that it is a day late, but better late than never.

I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable night of tricking or treating the little visitors last night.

We did a bit of both.

Our front lawn was decorated with Tiki torches, carved pumpkins, and neighbors from several different buildings heading out candy.

After the gools and goblins bombarded our front steps, one of neighbors hosted their annual "after Halloween"party. It is more a neighborhood get together where 30 or so people get together and have light, friendly conversation.

I know that some of the City Council candidates would be in attendance, but I did not know that they were going to have a formal platform during the party.

An hour of so into the get together, all four Charter candidates, Malanie Bates, Chris Bortz, Joan Kaulp, and Roxanne Qualls (moderated by Jim Tarbell) addressed the crowd and took a question each afterward.

Though surprised, I was interested to hear what Bates and Kaulp had to say about crime reduction and economic development in our city.

All in all it was a great evening....look for Halloween pics soon!