Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Global Warming...Now Do You Believe Us

Talk about Global Warming. Today temperature here in Cincinnati is supposed to reach 70 degrees. Its two days before Thanksgiving and I woke up this morning contemplating if I should wear a light jacket to work or no jacket at all.

There have been many credible scientist who have tried to disqualify the fact that human consumption is leading to the rise in temperatures world wide, some stating that spikes in temperatures are nothing new. I agree, there definitely is a pattern of warming than cooling over the millions of years that earth has been in existence, but tell me when was the last time it hit 70 degrees here in the Queen City days before Turkey Day?

Since this green thing is taking hold around the county, I thought I would give a little insight as to what I am trying to do (although small) to decrease my footprint in the world.

Having a car is sooo suburban...
I live downtown so there is not too many spaces to park. I have decided to forgo having a car and take public transportation to and from work. I don't suggest this to those who already have a 40 min + commute to and from work, but for those downtowner who live and work in the city should look into getting rid of the gas guzzler. If not completely doing away with it, just drive it on the weekends.

Paper is as paper does...
When at restaurants or other public places, I opt to letting my hands air dry instead of using one or two pieces of those paper towels after I wash my hands. There is nothing more wasteful than using something for less than a second or two and having the remnants last considerably longer.

and last but not least,


Those are just a few things that I have opted for....look for more to come.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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