Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Morning After

Well, another election day has come and gone. A bit smoother than I had expected. Don't expect next year's election day to be as calm.

I have decided to give my commentary (albeit a bit bias) about some of the ramifications of the election results.

Verdict #1: Cincinnati City Council (I guess no change is good)
In yesterday's election, all 9 incumbent city council members were re-elected. This seemed to be a good idea. All incumbent council members have had a great record on working together and tyring to get things accomplished (such as cutting down on crime and moving along The Banks Project).

Verdict #2: Issue 27 (The Jail Tax gets stuffed, for the second time)
For the second consecutive election year, the tax that would allow for a larger, better equipped rehabilitation facility that would replace several of the outdated facilities here in Hamilton county was defeated. Not unlike last year, approval seemed to be based on racial lines, meaning, the only districts where the tax was approved were predominately white.

It seems to me to be a bunch of lip service on the part of constituents here in Greater Cincinnati. There is an over whelming support of more police patrols in order to cut down on crime, but when it comes time for the citizens to actually pay for it, everyone runs and hides. Case, in point, the non-approval of The Jail Tax.

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