Saturday, November 24, 2007

Downtown Cincinnati "Lights Up The Square"

I am so glad that I took off work yesterday.

I made a valiant effort to work the day after Thanksgiving, but with family and friends coming into town, it got a bit too over whelming, so Wednesday afternoon I informed my supervisor that I would be taking Friday off.

I spent the Friday with family and found some great bargains at some of the stores that we hit up. The best one being the 4 GB flash drive that I found at Staples. Usually this mega memory stick runs for a cool $80, but Friday morning I was able to pick it up for only $20!

Can't beat that.

In the evening, I took in the Light Up The Square Celebration that officially rings in the Holiday season here in the Queen City. The following are a few pics for the evening.

It was great to see Fountain Square so packed with people, but the proceeding of events could have been changed up a bit.
It took abit longer than expected for Santa to arrive and when he did, the crowd was so ready to leave that they began to chant "Light-The-Tree!"
Once the tree was lit, the crowd started to immediately head out. I guess they forgot that there was a fire works display scheduled immediately following the tree lighting.
After the events, I was able to stick my head into Nada, which will be opening next week. It looks amazing! I can't wait to partake. I then grabbed a cocktail and a light dinner at Sung, the new Korean place downtown. I have to say, its good but Riverside still had my vote.

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