Thursday, December 30, 2010

But not entirly in a bad way.

Whenever you are told that you are not pulling your weight, its always a hard thing to swallow.

Whether that its in your personal or professional life, espesially when you thought you were doing an alright job.

But settling for just alright should not be what I am happy with, because it never was the case in the past.

Sometimes it does take a kick in the butt to jumpstart your creative juices to make you process at the best of your ability and exceed expectations.

Never the less, there is still a great big "Fuck You!" is needed to be said...but in keeping with my aforementioned diatribe, I am going to keep this one to myself and just think it instead.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Longest Hump Day of The Year

The Wednesday separating Christmas and New Year's seems to be the worst hump day of all the year long.

Especially when both of the aforementioned holidays falls on the weekend.

Christmas Eve and half of Jesus' B-day was spent at the family's house of my roommie. Fun times was had by all of course, but I was anxious to return to the sanctity of having to apartment to myself for a few days while he finished visiting with his family for a few more days.

A day after Christmas, I prepared brunch for a few of my own family members who made the trek in to the inner-city to come and visit, which does not happen very often. In fact, my closest family members; that being my three younger brothers and my mother, were not able to attend so I spent the afternoon placating my cousins over services of eggs, potatoes, sausage/egg biscuit's and a plethora of other brunch items.

This coming weekend plans to be a bit more adventurous, only one day being saved to let my hair down and party like it was 1999...oh I mean 2011.

The best part of the weekend will be the Monday following New Years when I have taken off from work to recuperate from the Holiday season as a whole.

Again, today seems to be the longest hump day of the year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Legend - Everybody Knows (Cover)

Too more ways than one!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just What Your Workout is Missing?

I have spent the better half of the past decade attempting to get back into shape…and so far I have done an OK job but I am not nearly at the point in which I want to be. My laisez-fair attitude about getting back into shape and my hopes of losing a few pounds and tightening your love handles have done just that; gone by the waist side.

But I am trying not let the winter cold keep me bundled up inside. Every time I hit the gym, I try and think back to how excited I am when I first begin a workout routine or the first time you walked into the fitness center; membership in hand, with the determination to get back into shape. I try and use this nostalgia as motivation.

For men, gym visits typically comprise of lifting the most weight that we possible can while women tend to focus more on calorie-fighting workout with cardio. The two groups definitely have the correct idea; fostering an active lifestyle from sedentary one in order to stave off such things like heart disease and obesity. Both strength training and cardiovascular training are essential to creating a well rounded workout routine, but there is a third component which many forget. And that is the importance of stretching. By incorporating this component, you will revitalize your workout and begin to see the results which you wanted to see in the beginning of the year.

An easy and effective way to incorporate stretching into your weekly workout routine is take up the ancient practice of yoga. In recent years, yoga has increased in popularity and though many see it as a fad, this ancient practice of stretching, breathing and mediation has been around for centuries. One misconception pertaining to yoga is that is only for women. Though yoga incorporates emphasis on the core and does not include large bursts of energy and motion which is typical of a most men's workouts, its benefits greatly outweigh its mild persona. By adding the following basic yoga moves before or after your workout, your muscles will be more susceptible for healing, in turn creating faster muscle growth.

Standing Thigh Stretch

Standing, place feet directly under your shoulders, squaring your stance. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, slowly reach for your toes, keeping your legs as straight as possible.Lunge Your right leg should be in front of you with your left leg to the back of you. Place your right hand just next to your right foot, palms facing down, shifting the weight of your body so that you feel the stretch in your left hip. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths and then repeat for the other side of your body.


Taking a deep breath, move your left leg to meet your right (at this point, your right leg should be behind you). At the same time, both your hands should be supporting your weight in a push up position. Hold this position for 5 to 8 deep breaths.

Upward Dog

Slowly lower your upper body to about one inch off the ground or mat. Keeping your lower body as close to the ground as possible, straighten your arms, lifting your upper body to a 90 degree angle (or as close to it as possible). Take 5 to 8 deep breaths looking skyward. Repeat number of breaths rotating your gaze over your right shoulder, than over you left shoulder.

Repeat the previous stretches in reverse order until return to the beginning standing position.Of course this is not the end all and be all of yoga. There are varied positions, poses and techniques which will greatly enhance your performance and stamina. But for beginners like me, by incorporating these few stretching exercise, you will be buying a yoga mat in no time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Momments In Comedy Television....Just My Opinion

Television has been a major part of most American lives for the latter part of the past century. According to a 2009 Nielson Poll, Americans watch an average of 5.1 hours of television per day. In this myriad of boob-tube watching, Americans are subjected to dramatic dialogue in addition to the reality based television shows which have gained in popularity over the past decade. This notwithstanding, there has been a major part of our television watching history which has been attributed to those comedic shows of ole.

If you are a devout television show aficionado, you would be amiss if you did not know about the success of comedic television and performances which it fostered. Even if you were not alive when The Carol Burnett Show was popular, you have at least been privy to the many times and Burnett and friends broke character during their liver performances and created classic television, This notwithstanding, no one could forget the longest comedic applause during a live television show when Sammie Davis Jr. kissed Archie Bunker on the popular television show All In The Family.

Television shoes such has The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tylor Moore Show were just a few shows that stick out in the minds of Baby Boomers as being shows which have paved the way for today's Office, Community and 30 Rock to dominate its respective timeslots.
In a totally unbiased account, and in no particular order, the following are the top two funniest moments in television that I have experienced in my few decades of being glued to this medium.

Seinfeld's Description of the Female Anatomy

On the sitcom Seinfeld, a show which follows the lives of four average New Yorkers, affectionately deemed to be a show about nothing. In this episode, Jerry, the show's main character, has been dating a girl for a while, but has seemed to have forgotten her name. In regaling this fact to his three friends, George, Elaine and Kramer, he recalls that her name rhymes with the name of a female body part. At this point, the audience is drawn into attempting to guess the name of Jerry's girlfriend. After a series of attempts, the episode culminates with the woman realizing that he does not know her name and storming out of Jerry's apartment only for Jerry to recall that her name is Deloris.
Whitney and Rosie's appearance on SNL

In 1996, Rosie O'Donnell was at the top of her career. She was hosting one of the most popular day time talk show and she was the love of ever one. On the same note, Whitney Houston was still riding high with the success of her breakthrough acting debut in the film The Bodyguard. So for the weekly comedy show Saturday Night Live, who has a knack for pairing the "it" people in Hollywood. It was a no brainer to have Whitney and Rosie appear on the show together. The two appear together in a sketch with SNL cast member Molly Shannon playing one of her most loved character's Mary-Katherine Gallagher.
In the skit, O'Donnell plays a nun who is the choir director of an all girls school choir, where Shannon and Houston are members. Shannon's character Mary-Katherine is historically know for clumsy displays when she is over shadowed and this is no exemption when Houston's begins to lay her magical vocal pipes for the world to enjoy. Though the sketch would have been hilarious if it were played out the way it was rehearsed, what set is over the top was O'Donnell's and Houston's inability to keep from holding back laughter and breaking character in the shadow of Shannon's shenanigans.

Though there are definitely a myriad of comedic television moments that would warrant being on this list, but these are the two that stand out as some of the funniest moments in comedic television in the past few decades.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Start 2 A Busy Weekend

Although the holiday season does not officially begin until later on this week, preparation for the month long eating/shopping bonanza for me begins today.

A good college friend from NYC will be coming into town Tuesday evening and staying with me so most of today, I will be cleaning the apartment and looking for a new couch…good thing Design Within Reach’s semi-annual warehouse sale is going on today.

Not only that; local shops here in my neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine will be participating in the nationwide campaign to shop local. So to support my fellow local chop owners, I will be obliged to begin my Christmas shopping early.

The Holiday season is also the season for giving back, so in the middle of my shopping escapades, I will be stopping by the Butts Family Foundation’s 21st Annual “In The Garage Sale” on 13th street in OTR. It’s a great rummage sale put on each year where proceeds to help feed needy families for Thanksgiving.

Much to do and so little time to get it all done.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moving N2 The Holidays With A Balanced Chai

The new job has been stressing me out, but its a good stress if you can believe that. You have to have a little bit of bad and good stress in your life to stay balanced.
I have been working out more to combat the effects of the little bad stress that I have, which has put me in a better mood than I have seen in quite some time.

And despite the stress, of work and the fact that single life is not all that its cracked up to be, I have been in better spirits that I have been in a long time. So much so, that I think I will break out of my usual grumpy Holiday mold and put up a real Christmas tree in the apartment this year, which I have only done once in all the years that I have lived out of my mother's house. I may even decorate it...just kidding.

Of course I will be stringing up pop-corn and purchasing new ornaments for the tree, complete with presents udder the tree. They will mostly be for me due to the fact that I generally never get X-mas presents from anyone else. I may even get a gift for my roommate and cats as well.

In addition to making this year's X-mas as FABULOUS as I feel, I will be reconnecting with the traveler in me ewhich I have let slip away. Though I know the necessity of saving money, life is WAY too short to just sit on your wallet like you are trying to hatch an egg.

Needless to say, with friends and family swarming into town for the Holiday season, and my renewed since of adventure, awesome pics are down to pike to make this blog pop!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wow, where has the year gone?

I don’t know, but over the past week, it seems that I have finally gotten back on track with my life’s goals.

The summer has a way of knocking me off track of what I really want out of life. Not having a steady source of income is another way that your dreams can get off track.

Well the summer is gone, so more time indoors are soon to come. Also, I was offered a full-time and permanent position at the non-profit agency that I worked for all this summer. The pay is increased from what I was making so I can finally get back on track with my financial goals.

Last Monday I was offered the position and I treated myself to the good news to buying a gym membership, complete with a new workout plan.

Since my last day at my old position was Thursday, I took Friday off and formulated a one year personal financial plan. I know it sounds cheesy, but I figured if businesses can do it, why not do it for my personal finances.

Things seem to be back on track.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Neighborhood Quote Of The Week

You always make each day a special day. By just you're being you. There's only one person exactly like you in the whole world. And that's you yourself, and I like you. - Mr. Rodgers Television Show

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Family That Laughs

Family is an odd thing.

In one since, we all have one, despite how dysfunctional yours may seem.

Even when you did not grow up with your family and do not know who your family is, you still have one, whether that is in the form of friends or your extended family. Its very similar to the six degrees of separation phenomenon, someone will be there for you, at times its just hard to find.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a family which was close, but yet had the fortitude to leave us with enough space to feel that I was on my own.
With the loss of my grandmother earlier this year, I thought it would be a great idea to chronicle my family and they whey in which they assisted me during my youth to help me to become the man that I am today.

Here is a snippet from the first few pages which I have written:

Tuesday June 11 1996

Today I was called a nigger. This is the first time that I can remember that I have been called this. People might have called me this behind my back, in fact, I am sure that people have called me this behind my back.

I was in the car with my mom and she was trying to merge into traffic. It had seemed like one driver was going to let her over because he has stopped his car with enough room to let her in, so we pulled out. At the same moment he pulls ahead, leaving us out of traffic and on the shoulder of the street so we had nowhere to go but push our way back into traffic in front of that guy. He honked his horn at us and then came up beside us and said “You fucking nigger!”

I did not feel the rage that I thought I would. I felt empowered. I felt this way because this man was so afraid of us that he almost hit another car while he sped away from us. I guess he was afraid of us. Ignorance will do that to you.

All through my life, I felt as if I did not belong, and the aforementioned entry from my journal is just one area where I never quite fit in. Not in the since that I was shunned, but in the since that I always felt that there was someplace where I was more suited to be, I just had not found euphoric place that you read about in books like Harry Potter or B.F. Skinner’s “Walden”. In the beginning of this realizations, I attempted to mask its reality and live the life in which was supposed to be living; that of an African American hetero sexual male. It was only after the realization of my family’s love, world travel and military life, that I had come to the realization that pretending only spirals into more lies, ultimately becoming an omnipotent aura in your life.

This document of my life is nothing more than an insight, a life lesson for those who are still caught behind the veil of their true self and want so desperately to unmask. I can’t say that the way in which I found self discovery is the right path for all who find these words, in hind sight, I am not even sure that if I had the omnipotent option to bend time and retrace my steps, that I would conduct myself in the same way. But I can say for certain that the path which created the man that I am today was the correct one, for me. Telling my story may help whoever finds these words to locate their own path.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bad Veins Rock Da Square

Fountain Square has in the middle of Downtown Cincinnati has down a great job with attracting different parts of the community and creating an inviting public space.

Last night, I hung out with a few of my friends, a virtual boys night out, to listen to the music that was scheduled to play on the Square that night.

I would pretty much listen to any type of music (sans county and very hard rock), but I love ad adore gospel and 90's R&B and generally only go out of my way to see this type of music live.

Ohh, I can't forget show tunes...I am a sucker for them as well.

But last night on the Square, the bad Bad Veins took the stage and I was intrigued. I have to say that I enjoyed them and I look to buy some of their songs in the near future.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Pride Cincinnati 2010

Before you get your panties in a wad about the lateness of this post, there is some method behind the madness.
In most cities, Pride has become a one stop shop, setting aside only one weekend to celebrate.
But this year, Cincinnati is bucking the trend by having three separate events.
It began with July 4th's celebration in Fountain Square.

It continues with this evening's Pride festivities in Northside.

And later this year, Northern Kentucky throws their hat into the fray with their first Pride Celebration.

These pics are from July 4th's Pride Cincinnati 2010.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The $10 Downtown Experience

In the 1990s, Main Street which borders Cincinnati’s Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods, between the blocks of Central Parkway and Liberty was a hot bed of vibrant night life, bringing all walks of life together.

Over the past few years, this area is in the process of seeing its economic renaissance which has yet to peak. The community of Over-the-Rhine has historically thrived on community togetherness, fostering a sense of urban unity.

Events like Grapevine, Second Sundays on Main and Final Fridays brings vendors onto the street and people to patron the many shops and galleries which brighten these blocks on Main and the addition of Joe’s Diner will do nothing but make the district that much more appealing.

It is not unexpected to spend a week night in this area for less than $20 and here’s how.

Meet for Coffee @ Iris Café $2

Located at 1331 Main, this small quite coffee shop is a great way has taken the place of kaldi’s, sans the alcohol, by providing a shelves of books, sustenance and a great place to socialize.

Eat @ Joe's ... Diner That Is $8

Move just a block and half east to Sycamore to find burgers which are reminiscent of what you would come to expect from a traditional diner, in addition to extra seasoned fires which are filling yet relatively light and not floating in a sea of grease.

Light Up The Night @ Neon’s $10

End your evening with spirit or two around the corner from Joe’s Diner. A $10 spot will get you a couple of Over-the-Rhine ales, but the outdoor experience is of outdoor social hour is priceless.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bridging Broadway: They Have Come A Long Way...Baby!

Over the past six months, Bridging Broadway gone from a sparkle in the eye of Stephen Samuals to being well on the path to becoming its own full fledged non-profit organization. The process will be completed in a matter of weeks when the organization files it's 5013C paper work with the state of Ohio.

As some of you may know, I currently sit on the Executive Board of this organization and have witnessed first hand the transformation and am invigorated at the possibilities in which Bridging Broadway has in store.

Some of the things that we have on the horizon are as followed:We are in collaboration with the City of Cincinnati and LISC (Local Initiative Support Committee) to conduct the most comprehensive study to date of the area around the Broadway Commons site which will include a community outreach efforts in the form of conversations called Bridging Broadway Dialogues, which will be dynamic focus groups aimed to engage feedback from the various stakeholder groups in the Broadway Commons area (land owners, developers, residents and the arts).

Being a non-profit, we are always attempting to recruit like minded individuals from all sects of the community to assist with our mission to connect people and places to promote a new downtown Cincinnati entertainment district.The Bridging Broadway Board and Committee Member FAQ, explains our purpose and activities and describes the functions of the various committees.

The official deadline to accept applications runs through today and the selection process will end by the end of August. After reading the attached, please feel free to complete and return the enclosed questionnaire or pass forward the information.

More info about our organization can be found at our website.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dawg Days of Summer R Here!

The first week of summer is almost over and boy has it ever been a hot one.
With the temperature consistently being in the 90’s with the heat index reaching the 100’s, the dog days of summer are definitely in full force.

And the city of Cincinnati has actually stepped up to the plate to help keep us cool.

There have consistently declared a heat advisory throughout the city and kept us informed as to notice heat stroke and heat exhausting and the difference between to two conditions.

In addition, there was a considerable donation to The City of Cincinnati for the specific reason to open a few community pools which were slated to be closed this summer. And if I am not mistaken, the pools are fostering longer hours than originally posted.

Good stuff!

The Queen City seems to be glowing brighter and brighter each year!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...You Give Them Back

It is weeks like these which make you really question your purpose in the world.
No I am not depressed or anything, but that past few weeks has definitely tested my work ethic and self worth.

As stated in past posts, I left my job to do two things, help to take care of an ailing family member and to finally take the jump in to the world of self proprietorship and open my own businesses.

For whatever reason, the ending of the school year, the unseasonable beautiful weather, or the resurgence of people’s economic standpoints, customers are not flocking for my services which at the same rate which they were for the first few months of the year.

Needless to say, with concerns with money, things are beginning to become tight.

In situations like these, many fold under the pressure and begin to either steal or turn to other unfavorable things that get people “caught up”.

But I was not raised that way.

Ever since I could remember, when times were rough for my family, it made them work that much harder.

But I was not taught to work hard, but to work smart, but did not realize that was what my mother was trying to drill into my think skull all those years ago until I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

The characters Hank Reardon, the embodiment of this virtue; Dagney Taggert, her independence of judgment gave her the ability to stand by the metal and her railroad in the face of virtually unanimous social opposition; and finally Francisco d'Anconia, whose ability to free those from the shackles of the self-sacrifice ethics, enabling them to recognize the virtue and necessity of self worth.

All of which who pushed themselves to herculean efforts in the ore mines, refusing to acknowledge pain and exhaustion as legitimate grounds to stop working to obtain success.

So today I listen to this book via iTunes, while I work and try to incorporate the virtues of the aforementioned, refusing not to fail in my endeavors.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Family That Laughs...

Sorry for the lag of posts guys – things have been topsy tervy to say the least.
Not only have I been busy cultivating my new business venture with advertising and actually working on projects. In fact, was had the opportunity to a radio spot on Media Bridges’ Cincinnati Conscience radio program this past Monday.

I have also taken on a few other projects for non-profit organizations. I am organizing my neighborhood’s block party which I do every year and I am dipping my hand into planning the first major event for Bridging Broadway, a non-profit organization which connects people and places to promote a new downtown entertainment district in Cincinnati.

There were a myriad of reasons why I left the corporate world about a month ago, but the reason which topped the list was due to the fact that my grandmother’s health had been failing and with a number of our family members scattered throughout the country, I wanted to be more available to her.

A few weeks ago, she made the hard decision to enter hospice and let nature take its course, which ended this past Tuesday.

Different people handle death in different ways. Some people go into a deep depression, some attempt to recapture the memories that spent with the departed and others go cold.
Our family is one which laughs through both good times and the bad. At Thanksgiving dinners or family graduations, we would spend hours laughing, not in a cynical way, but at the memories of our the way in which we grew up and the times that we spent living below the poverty line and our attempts to make ends meet. And I feel that this time, though we will be sojourning my grandmother, we will celebrate her passing in similar fashion

My grandmother was a fighter, living on her terms until she decided that the fight was too much for take any further.

She enjoyed a passion for music and through her zest for living life to the fullest, endless affection for family and her exceptionally unconditional love for people close to her, she exemplifies a woman who left a “legacy of love” in the path in which she walked.

She loved good food and socializing, and had a wonderful smile that could light up a room. Many will not only remember her as being a mother to her own five children, but a mother and friend of her community. She was “The Rock” in which we could rely on for advice and guidance and she will be greatly missed by everyone whose life she touched.

She will be missed and never forgotten.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Starting You One Biz Is Harder Than You Think

About a month ago, I took an unimaginable leap of faith and left my fulltime job at a local health insurance company to begin my own endeavor.

Not only am I able to not work for myself and get more benefit out of the time I spend working.
I did have a little help though.

Baltimore County lawyer and part-time author Eliot M. Wagonheim has a great resource entitled, "Business Owner's Pocket Guide" and I finished reading it before I jumpend into my endeavor.

To download a copy or request a hard copy, go to Wagonheim's Web site.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Take Back The Street On Main

In the 1990’s, the block of Main St., between Central Parkway and Liberty was a hot bed of vibrant night life, bring all walks of life together. I was in college then and Have A Nice Day Café, Bar Cincinnati and Cincinnati’s own Jefferson Hall were all places where you could find me knee deep in libration on weekend nights.

Then there were the Riots of 2001.

The aftermath of the week long unrest placed Cincinnati with a black eye and hit the city hardest in its pocketbooks. Celebrities such as Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg called for a boycott of the city and Prince even cancelled a show which he was scheduled to have in the city. People did not feel safe spending their hard earned money in Over-the-Rhine any longer and the afore mentioned bars closed up and moved elsewhere, leaving Main Street silent on Friday and Saturday nights.

Until now.

Over the past few years, Main Street has been in the process of seeing its economic renaissance which has yet to peak. Historically, OTR has thrived on community togetherness has fostered urban unity.

Events like Grapevine, Second Sundays on Main and Final Fridays brings vendors onto the street and people to patron the many shops and galleries which brighten these blocks on Main.

In keeping with the historically holistic appeal of Main Street, eateries such as Iris Book Café ( and Shadeau Breads ( offer locally made and grown options. Great if you want to grab a coffee before your trek into the office or a quiet place to catch up on some work away from the office over a great salmon and avocado sandwich.

Though Main Street is re-incorporating is livable appeal to its day time patrons, its night time appeal has not been forgotten. Last weekend, Jack Pots opened in Jefferson Hall’s old space and Neon’s have been opened for a few weeks. Mixx Ultra Lounge ( offers upscale entertainment without the big city prices. In addition, with the coming to city’s casino and street car, venues such as Neon’s and Jack Pots have promised to re-open to offer additional entertainment options, not un-similar to the old days of Main Street.

And there is word that The Dinner on Sycamore is under new management and will open soon.

Oh Happy Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And The Work Continues

I began writing this blog for a myriad of reasons, but towards the forefront was to get into the habit of creating thought provoking content to elicit feedback to get the juices flowing to complete the books which I have been working to complete.

It has done the trick.

Over the yeas I have published several articles about on a number of different subjects, but most of them have been about living as young gay man here in Cincinnati.

The result is my non-fiction book pertaining to some of the struggles people face for being young, gay, or African American living here in the States.

I am in the process incorporating real-life experience into my book, s if you have any, and would like to see it published, let me know.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take A Momment and Smell The Flowers

Most of you already know that I live in Cincinnati’s historic Pendleton neighborhood which is sometimes mistaken for Over-the-Rhine.

Not only does it boast some of the most historically intact buildings in the United States, it’s also in the midst of a revitalization composing of the addition of one of the first casinos in the State of Ohio. Not only that, the city just approved to spend money on the incorporation of a light rail system (which is long overdue) with the hopes of making Cincinnati’s downtown valley more livable.

Today, not only was I able to walk to each of my meetings, I had the opportunity to patron some of the great establishments that are helping Cincinnati’s Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine recovery from the city’s civil unrest which took part in 2001.

After a coffee at one of the neighborhood coffee shops Coffee Emporium, where if you sit long enough, you will see city officials, and high schoolers alike obtain a cup of Joe, I was able to walk to a meeting just blocks away to Boost, an upscale meeting space located in a rehabbed historic building overlooking downtown Cincinnati.

It did not help that the day’s weather has been just about perfect, so maybe that’s why I am in a good mood.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pics Around Town

Sometimes you forget how majestic some of Cincinnati's historic buildings can be. This is one example.

More Fairey 2 See

Now that the weather is gotten a bit warmer, I decided that it was finally time to stop driving my gas eating car the few blocks to the gym or to Coffee Emporium and finally purchase the bicycle which I have been vowing to do for years.

In doing so, I have so much more time to take in parts of the city which I would normally miss because my eyes were always on the road.

I found two more Shepard Fairey murals.

Alley next to Arnold's Bar

The corner of Walnut St. and 6th St.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cincinnati's Great Casino Divide

Read the entire article here.

The implementation of gambling centers like casinos and horse racing tracks have had a wide and varied reception from the local communities in which they are placed. Some communities embrace the entry of the new tax payer with open arms while other places attempt to ward off the coming of a looming gambling option as if it were the second coming of the Black Plague.

One thing which makes casinos so controversial is the element of its customers that it may draw; this in addition to monies set aside for its development can bring communities together or tear them apart. There have been several examples around the country of this varying sentiment toward gambling and the type of customers that it attracts.

The State of Indiana, where casinos are a major part of the state's revenue, still comes under controversy from time to time when it comes to placement of their casinos. Most recently, Gary, Indiana has been debating to replace Don Barden's two casino boats with one land-based casino along Interstate 94 just outside of the city.

In 2009, the State of Ohio passed Issue 9, a resolution to legalize gambling within the state's boarders, which made way for cities like Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati to build and operate large scale gaming casinos; with a portion of the revenue to be funneled back into the government's pocket books.

Opinions of the casino were greatly dependant on the proposed placement. Columbus' casino was originally approved to be erected in the city's downtown Arena District but just months after its approval was changed to a location west of the city.

Read the entire article here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

InkTank Explodes With Artistry On Final Friday

Last nights Final Friday was spectaular.

My plan was to se out and explore the enitre Main Street becase of the great weather that wer were having, but ended up staying in one place.
InkTank has come back alive under new management and last night they held an open mic session, promoting local author, Kommon Knowledge. Until Uhuru is a collaboration of talented local authors who love to write and are great at it.

Pick up thier book at InkTank or order it oline at know I will!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Review: The Vast Fields of Ordinary

2009 was not a big year for me in the reading department. Outside of blogs and online newspapers, I did not do much reading. But there was one novel that I picked up due to it being covered in

Nick Burd's Vast Fields of Ordinary" is a light-hearted young adult novel for readers 12 and up, where high school senior Dade spends a good majority of the summer after his graduation either high or drunk in attempt to save himself from his mundane suburban life as the only gay teenager in his neighborhood, nothing like my own experience in the last year of high school, but non the less it was a great read.

By the end of the story, he finds out that there are greater experiences to be had outside of is small Midwestern town when he moves away to college. We all know that, but we most likely did not go through as many ups and downs finding out.

Read my entire review of the novel here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sometimes U Need A Little Glam In Your Life

Horray For Health Care!

Last night, congress FINALLY pushed through a healthcare bill that has been trying to work its way don the pipes for some time now.

Despite this, opposition to the bill are still holding to their guns and attempting to block its passage.

What gives?

Do they think that passage of this bill will lead to Armageddon and the country will go down in history of other socialist counties which of health care for all?

That can't be it. Maybe the opposition is afraid that States will begin loosing their rights. But doesn't Federal Law usually trump State Laws? There are many examples where the Feds had to step in. Look at the case Plessy vs Ferguson or Brown vs Board of Education or even the fact that there is a minimum wage which employers pay to their workers. Its been done before.

Opposition should just let go and move on to other important things, like jobs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Queen City Has Never Smelled So Sweet

The cascading lights of the new Great American tower dominated the Friday night skyline of Cincinnati as a traveled home from the airport last night. The stark contrast of the city’s crispness to the past week’s warmth of the Dominican Republic was surprisingly refreshing.

Despite my absence, I have been keeping up with Cincinnati Shenanigans while I have been away. I am sorry that I missed the city’s celebration of St. Paddy’s Day (for I heard that it was one of the best ever) and the local college basketball team’s first win in The Big Dance (American Airlines does not seem it important enough to show the games on international flights).

Another thing caught my eye when reading over Cincinnati news while on vacation, the fact that PNC Bank announced that National City accounts had been compromised BEFORE they were acquired, AND Cincinnati accounts were the only ones affected.

What’s up with that?

Whatever the case, I hope I get some money back.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cincinnati's Connection With The Underground Railroad

Founded in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and Col. Robert Paterson, Cincinnati sits on the banks of the Ohio River, the official boundary between the Northern and Southern States during America's Civil War. With its close proximity to both the North and the South, during this time the city was torn between two worlds; the latter trying to embrace the ways of the past and the former trying to forge ahead. Incorporated in these two pedagogies was the issue of slavery. Since then, though in turmoil with racial tension and social/political setbacks, Cincinnati has embraced its historic past and is making strides towards the future.

Until the end of slavery, this institution was challenged on many levels, large and small; one of the most notable was exemplified in the legal court case of Margaret Garner. Garner escaped slavery from her Northern Kentucky plantation in 1856 to Cincinnati, located in the free state of Ohio, with her children. At this time...

Read the rest here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

No I have not forgotten about the Nasty Nati.

Currently, I am sitting on the beach on the Northern Coast of The Dominican Republic, taking in the sun and chillin' like a villin (no pun intended).

Not only is this time on the beach being used for a much needed vacation from opening my company BookMark! Online, but it also is giving me some time to write down on paper the stories which have been swimming in my head for the past few months.

In attempts to keep you wanting more, pictures of the vacation/sabbatical will be posted upon my return to Cincy next week. Needless to say that they will be well worth the wait...cheers!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time 2 Rock Out With Your Bock Out!

Last night I ventured out into the streets for the Bock Fest and was so surprised at the turnout! I had to miss the parade which originated from Arnold’s Bar because of work, but managed to hit up Bock Fest Hall (the old Hussman Factory at Liberty and Vine) around 9pm where there was standing room only.

Not wanting to miss out on anything, after an hour or so I ventured to Grammer’s just across the street where I was not only met with a German cladden Jim Tarbell, but a second floor speak easy which was turned into a pseudo European discothèque.

As the night prolonged, and shoulders began to be rubbed more frequently, I made my way to Milton’s (your neighborhood bar) just for a nightcap on my way home. Not only did I have more than a night cap, but yet again I was met with a over capacitated watering hole.

Never before have I seen a Friday night in Cincinnati like this. The closest has been Pride Weekend just after the parade, and still it pales in comparison with last night’s shenanigans.

I can only imagine what tonight’s Sausage Queen Final competition will add to the weekend. Whatever the case, I will be ready to rock-0ut with my Bock out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fairey's Artwork Not Jus For The Gallery

Last Friday, Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center snubbed its nose at Vanity Fair's article and hosted the opening to an art exhibit by Shepard Fairey, the famous artist behind the iconic Obama election characiture.

There should be no excuse for you not checking out the exhibit while its here in town.  It leaves tow August 22.

If you are not privey to looking at artwork hanging on about if its handing on the side of a building?

Days be for the openeing, Fairey was sheparded around Over-the-Rhine and Northside as he stenciled some of his artwork on the outside of buildings for the world to see for free.

Here are the locations: 13th and 14th block of Main St, on the side on Grammer's and atop Shake-It Records in Northside.

Pictures are the murals displayed on 13th and 14th streets.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Thing Not To Do On A Snow Day

Today Cincinnati had its first major snowfall of the winter.  The Queen City really lives up to its name when the white sstuff falls.  Let one back country road become un navigable and the entire city shuts down.

So I had to find ways to occupy my time today while stuck in the house.

I made it a point not to pick up my computer so that was out of the question.

I spent the morning in a sea of news braodcasts, gabby ladies and home cooking shows.  I was never one for daytime soap operas but still found myself glued to the boobtube trying to figure out how Mr. X's twin brother inpregnated their sister's girlfriend from the grave.

I gave up after 30mins, and took a nap.

Its surprising how much time you can waste staring at television.