Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bridging Broadway: They Have Come A Long Way...Baby!

Over the past six months, Bridging Broadway gone from a sparkle in the eye of Stephen Samuals to being well on the path to becoming its own full fledged non-profit organization. The process will be completed in a matter of weeks when the organization files it's 5013C paper work with the state of Ohio.

As some of you may know, I currently sit on the Executive Board of this organization and have witnessed first hand the transformation and am invigorated at the possibilities in which Bridging Broadway has in store.

Some of the things that we have on the horizon are as followed:We are in collaboration with the City of Cincinnati and LISC (Local Initiative Support Committee) to conduct the most comprehensive study to date of the area around the Broadway Commons site which will include a community outreach efforts in the form of conversations called Bridging Broadway Dialogues, which will be dynamic focus groups aimed to engage feedback from the various stakeholder groups in the Broadway Commons area (land owners, developers, residents and the arts).

Being a non-profit, we are always attempting to recruit like minded individuals from all sects of the community to assist with our mission to connect people and places to promote a new downtown Cincinnati entertainment district.The Bridging Broadway Board and Committee Member FAQ, explains our purpose and activities and describes the functions of the various committees.

The official deadline to accept applications runs through today and the selection process will end by the end of August. After reading the attached, please feel free to complete and return the enclosed questionnaire or pass forward the information.

More info about our organization can be found at our website.

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