Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can I Get An Amen!

After almost a decade, two city council committees, finance and economic development, have finally decided to approve the go-ahead for Cincinnati's ever-elusive Banks Project.

For those of you who have not at least passed through the Queen City in the past several years, the Banks Project is a heated contested development project of several acres of property between the Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown Stadium, just along the Ohio River.

The reason why there has been so much discussions as to what should be done with this areas (which are now basically just parking lots) is because some of the property is owned by the city and some is owned by the county, and both of these entities have had a doosey trying to agree on how to develop the land.
From parking fears, complaints of exclusion, and one development company dropping out of the mix, all figure in to reasons why the re-development plan has not taken off.

Low and behold, yesterday, hours before the President of the Free World touched down in our city, Cincinnati's City Council has approved a redevelopment plan.

Step one down....several more to go.

City Council as a whole, will vote on Thursday to approve the re-development plan, which co insides with Hamilton county's vote on the plan.

Lets keep our fingers crossed.

There has been a large push for an entertainment aspect to the development. I wonder why the LGBT Community has not complained about being excluded from the decision making. With the Dock Complex being so close to the site, I would think at least they would want a hand in the development.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cincinnati City Council....The Enquirer Picks the Best?

In the race for Cincinnati City council, I have yet to decide who I will give my vote to when I head to the ballot box in a few weeks. Granted, I have not been paying too much attention to the race. When I hear candidates on the television giving their spiel about how they want to decrease the crime rate, increase the number of high school graduates while spurring economic development, my eyes tend to glaze over.

I have always been a voter who chooses a candidate by what they have done, and little by what they say that they are going to do. This does not bod too well for new comers who have a small track record of community engagement and economic renewal achievements.

This morning, the Cincinnati Enquirer announced its candidate endorsements.

Chris Bortz, incumbent (C): The Enquirer calls him "Smart, effective and articulate". I agree. A few months ago, I volunteered for a beautification event organized by Give Back Cincinnati where we planted the street island located at Clifton and Calhoun streets. Chris Bortz's campaign members were there in addition to the man himself. He was not on the sidelines of the event, he was hauling mulch, digging holes and at the end of the day, was dirtier than most of the organizers. He even hung out afterwards and had a beer with us. He gets my vote.

Laketa Cole, incumbent (D): The Enquirer says that Cole is "one of council's most effective advocates for neighborhoods." I agree. Many times I have witnessed her community engagements. She attended the event organized by the Pendleton Neighborhood Council where we attempted to reclaim the drug laced streets. News that she was involved in a physical altercation with another woman concerns me, but as the Enquirer says, "it appears to be a lapse in judgment brought on by embarrassment and immaturity. She owes voters a full explanation."

Roxanne Qualls, incumbent (C): The Enquirer places Ms. Qualls in the "Close Call" category, but calls her "Smart, capable and experienced." I agrees. She did not make the Enquirer's cut due to her absence from Cincinnati government. I think she is getting a bad rap. Since she has stepped down form being Cincinnati's mayor and a member of its city council, she has been sharpening her skills by doing the following:

Loeb Fellowship in Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University,Class of 2001
Fellow Institute of Politics, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 2000
Institute for New Mayors, Harvard University, 1993
Mayors Institute on City Design, Harvard University, 1996
Mayors Institute on City Design, University of Virginia, 1997

Not to mention the dozens of social organizations and that she is member to. I doubt that her absence would be a hindrance.

Here is a rundown of the rest of the Enquirer's picks.

John Cranley, incumbent (D)
David Crowley, incumbent (D)
John Eby, challenger (R)
Leslie Ghiz, incumbent (R)
Greg Harris, challenger (D)
Chris Monzel, incumbent (R)
Cecil Thomas, incumbent (D)

Jeff Berding, incumbent (D)
Pat Fischer, challenger (R)
Joan Kaup, challenger (C)
Charlie Winburn, challenger (R)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here is a pic of the tree that my room mate and myself planted in front of Mr. Bubbles Detailing on 13th Street in Over-the-Rhine (Pendleton). 25 cool points to anyone who can tell what type of tree it is.
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Are Black Youth Charged As Adults For Crimes Too Often?

I have been wondering the same thing for the past few months. I am sure that there are a number of non-black youth that are incarcerated and charged as adults for crimes committed, but the majority has been African American youth which make the headline news.

At least that's what I have seen here in Cincinnati.

I am definitely not saying that this child should get away with these crimes, but according to the Enquirer, he will be charged as an adult. Where were the parent(s), legal guardian(s) in this situation? How did this child avoid incarceration for months without the help of adults? Its not like Cincinnati is Chicago or New York.

This prompted the thought that maybe African American children were being charged as adults far disproportionately in our legal system, which has most recently been documented with the Jena 6 controversy.

Justice came to one young man, when he was recently released early from a 10yr prison sentence (pictured above) for have consensual sex with his high school girlfriend.
As Keith Boykin pointed out on his blog, it is a shame that his family missed out on the years that he was incarcerated.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Monies For A New Jail

Over the past year, Cincinnati Police has made strides in cracking down on crime in the city. They even joined forces with the Hamilton County Sheriff's department in order to bring down the crime rate in Over-the-Rhine.

According to Hamilton County's sheriff, Simon Leis, the next step is to build a new Hamilton County Detention facility that would replace the current one, which many say is not adequate to effectively rehabilitate those who are incarcerated. A sales tax in order to fund the new detentions center is slated to be placed on this November's ballot for approval.

Today's Cincinnati Enquirer gave a break down of the corporations based in here in the Queen City that have given funds to the pro-tax campaign.

Frances Pepper (Com. David Pepper's mom)
$50,000---what is this all about???

Macy's Corporate Services Inc.

American Financial

Duke Energy Ohio Inc.

Western & Southern Life Insurance Co.

RBC Dain Rauscher

Union Central Life Insurance Co.

AK Steel

Castellini Co. LLC

One Riverfront Place

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors

Frisch's Restaurants Inc.

Ohio National Financial Services

I guess I should find out how much money it is going to cost to build and run this new detention center before I say this, but with the amount of money that these companies are backing this push for the sales tax, couldn't they just donate that money to the county and build it with that?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fast Times At Ridgemount High...

I guess it would be more apropos to say, Boring Times at the hands of the government.

The last few days have literally drained me. It has rained for two days straight, which I am grateful for, but when you have to catch the bus and walk several blocks in the dark and rain to a job that is becoming less fulling day by day, when I get home, the only thing that I want to do is to eat a good meal and lay on the couch until its time for bed. Which is exactly what I have done for the past two days....

no posts

no surfing the net

and no Internet promotion of my side biz

Not to mention the verbal struggle that I am having with my mother who, I am convinced, does not know the meaning of preventive maintenance, when it comes to car. Currently, she has two cars in the shop, and still paying the dealer on both of them. Its too complicated to go into the details, but just believe me when I say....DRAMA!

This all leads to this Cincinnati NAMjA contemplating going to the VA and asking form some anti depressants.

Not to fear...maybe a new job in a new city is visible on the horizon.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Is Albus Dumbledore Gay?

According to the richest lady in Engand he is.

I read the following on Faggottyassfagot.com and thought it was a hoot!

Big gay Albus
Turkey might attack Iraq, Benazir Bhutto is in Pakistan for less than a day before a massive terrorist attack, and the entire city of Atlanta may have no drinking water in less than two months.

But forget all of that -- there's only one news story the entire effing universe is talking about this morning:

Dumbledore is a big ol' fairy.
That's right. Friday night, at a book reading at Carnegie Hall, the wealthiest author of all time, J.K. Rowling, had this to say:
"Dumbledore is gay."

Clears that right up.

But whew, did she ever stir the pot this time. This is going to be bigger than the Christians hating on Potter for the use of magic (because turning water into wine was what ... advanced food engineering from ADM, supermarket to the world?). It's going to even be bigger than that Potter wiener and the naked horse massacre.

Now, before the "wand" jokes get started, before the "light in the wizard slippers" cracks starting spreading 'cross the Internet, and especially before Page Six gets a chance to make barely veiled comments about Albus in the Hogwarts' bathroom, using his wide stance and trying a little toe-tapping with Snape ...

Let's break this shit down.

By this morning, the second-tier queer bloggers will be going bananas. Perez will break in with something offensive.

By this afternoon, the Family Research Council will have released a press release that screams, "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! FAGGOTRY IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS? BLASPHEMY!"
By tonight, Saturday Night Live will have hurriedly put together a sketch starring Amy Poehler as Harry, Maya Rudolph as Hermione and Bill Hader as Dumbledore. It will not be funny.
Sunday morning, Tim Russert will ask Doris Kearns Goodwin which Republican candidate has the most to gain from a gay Dumbledore. She will give him a withering stare of contempt, then remember her books don't pay the bills, NBC does.

Monday morning, Matt Lauer will lead off Today with a three-expert panel discussing the implications. Dr. Drew and Ann Coulter? Likely two of the three "experts." Al Roker's weather segment afterward will feature some puns that are uncomfortable for all involved. Meredith Vieira may discuss her lack of panties simply to break the tension.

A few minutes later, the big gay bloggers, who don't post on the weekend, will finally upload something that also manages to work in the half-naked photos of Daniel Radcliffe from Equus earlier in the year.

Monday mid-morning, Sherri Shepherd will announce to The View audience that her son will never be allowed to read any of the Harry Potter series, while Joy makes a disinterested crack and tries to turn the topic back to menopause. Barbara will just sit uncomfortably because of her feminine dryness issues.

Monday noon, local newscasts will finally get around to reading the Hollywood wire stories and will work the story into their celebrity roundup segment. The ad-lib transition banter will be awk-ward.

Monday evening, Access Hollywood will have a segment from the premiere of Dan in Real Life, asking the stars of The Office what they would do if Dumbledore came out/on to them.


Still later, Larry King will interview Kathy Griffin about some gay wizard thing his producer put in his hands 30 seconds before air. Griffin will be hilarious. King will be befuddled.

Finally, Jon Stewart will put the entire story in perspective. It will be devastating, hilarious, poignant and perfect.
And Ellen? She will just spend the next 72 hours turning cartwheels that her stupid dog/crying jag story is finally out of the news.

But everybody else? Brace for it.

This one's going to hit the fan.

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Early monring marketing

Findley Market has been a part of Cincinnati's history for more than the past 80 years. It is a great place to get fresh produce and meats and a great way to support local businesses. Today was an especially nice time to head out to the market due to the crisp weather. I do not get here that often, but when I do...I love it. The following few pics were taken from my cell as I bought my wares.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lest We Forget...

In the midst of all the negative publicity that Cincinnati gets from time to time (i.e. Riots of 2001, the resulting boycott and Samuel Clemens mentioning that everything happens 25 years later here in the Queen city)

Though I live downtown, I seldom remember the fact that there are several things that make this city great. One being the amount of Fortune 500 companies that call Greater Cincinnati home. Among the members of this elite list is 5/3 Bancorps, Macy's Inc, Kroger and P & G.

The reason why I bring this up is that one of those companies on the 500 list and calls this city home, the Scripps Network/Papers, which today announced that they are splitting its company into to separate entities. E.W. Scripps will be their business handling its multiple holdings of newspapers across the company and its new company, Scripps International, will run its lifestyle development programs. Currently they own HGTV, DIY, The Food Network and several other networks and Internet intellectual properties.

You can read more about the split here.

Sometimes, I have to let the geeky economist in me get out and run around abit...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Take Two

Well it looks like I have the hang of it.

These pics were taken today while I was horse ack riding. A few friends and myselfs are camping tonight at East Fork Lake in Clermont County and decided to go for a horse ride bfore the rest of the gang got here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Nerve of Some Folk

Taking public transportation to and from work, affords me about 30min extra time during the day. Usually, I either work on a client's project or read. Currently I am in the middle of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

Every so often, during my daily commute, I get to eaves drop on other people's conversations. This morning, I was so distracted by the myriad of conversations around me, I could hardly concentrate on what was happening in the book.

I man, in his mid to late 30's got on the bus and sat in the seat just next to me. Cell phone to his ear, he started yelling at the person on the other end of the line, her name was Beulla, and calling her a fibber. There was a pause and just before the man was about to call Beulla something other than her name, he realized that he was on the bus and there there were others listening to his conversation, beside myself, and told her that he was on the bus and would call her back.


After the cell phone man dis-continued his tirade, I was able to listen to the woman, sitting directly across from the driving and who stays in his ear all throughout the entire ride. I am not sure where she rides too, but she is on the bus before I get on and is there when my stop approaches.

Today, she was conversing about the local grocery chain Kroger and it's looming strike. I am paraphrasing, but the conversation when something like this:

Talking Lady: "Did you hear if Kroger went on strike?"

Bus Driver: "Naw, they did not go on strike. I think that the workers rejected the contract."

Talking Lady: "Ohh child! I am so glad they ain't going on strike cause I needs to buy my groceries" (Bus driver and those around her laugh) You know, buy me some collard green, some green beans, a few bottles of Colt 45... you know, the essentials. You know around where I live they ain't going on strike no way. They too worried about how they look. The ain't worried about sellin' no food. There was this one worker with this weave in her head that looked like a helmet. (more laughter) And I don't even want to talk about the men over in the deli. (in a low voice) But I will anyway. (all the listeners slightly lean toward the woman as she goes on) They all look like me. (there is a roar of disapproval, the loudest coming from the bus driver). They all have on those gloves that you clean the sink with, you know, the yellow ones. Then they have on plastic gloves over that. They have they hair all done up, with they little plastic caps, tryin' to look all cute.

I will stop here. The conversation was borderline harassment, but the Talking Lady and the bus driver both added disclaimer by saying "I don't judge them, but I just don't like being around them."

Now what kind of sense does that make? Don't try and hide behind word...say what you feel. If you want to express what you really feel, do not be afraid to say it.

I am just glad that they did not say what they really felt...I have to take that bus to work every morning.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trying it out

I just experimented with blogger's new option, where you are able to send pics from my phone directly to your blog. I decided to take a picture of this amazing building downtown Cincinnati. Currently, it is the School of Creative and Performing Arts, a public school here in the Queen City, but it has an amazing history.

In addition to this being one of the most grandiose historic buildings in Over-the-Rhine, attached to this school is a green space, one of the largest in downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati Public Schools is in the the process of building a new SCPA across town, leaving this historic building vacant in a few years. Not sure what is going to happen to this building when the school vacates it, but I am sure that it will be going condo, leaving the green space to become either a parking lot or be developed. There are many residents in the neighborhood who are fighting to keep the green space untouched once the building is sold.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Website....New Ideas

You would think that with an entire day off yesturday, that you would have seen atleast one blog post letting you know how I spent my day off.

It is a good thing that you didn't.

I can not tell you how frustrated I was after an entire day of trying to download my pictures from the weekend onto my new computer. So frustrated in fact, that when I finally figured out that I must first install the camera's programming onto my new computer, I was so miffed that it took me so long to realize it, I had a good mind to through my new laptop across the room.

Of course that would be counter productive.

Needless to say, I forwent my attempt to download the pictures and funneled my frustrations more productively.

I started to research some now services/products to be offered on my business website, in a addition to a better, more eye catching website design. Look for the updates very soon.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Late Night Blogging

Since I started today with an early morning post, it is only fitting that I end with a late night post. Since I will be working with my roommate's landscaping company on an installation tomorrow, I decided not to over do myself and opted to stay in this evening.

I hunkered down by first ordering some Thai food. I know that it looks like an alien threw up on my plate, but this Thai food is from one of the best places to get Thai in the city, Teak Thai in Mt. Adams area of Cincinnati.

This dish was comprised of red curry and holy basil, both with tofu, all over white rice. I can't forget about the crab rangoon either.

Once the food arrived, I popped in Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. The movie moved a bit slow, but for some reason I was on the edge of my seat for the entire film. I do not think I am being bias when I say that Halle did a great portrayal of a somewhat twisted character. I definitely recommend it.

Good night!

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Even though I have been blogging since the wee early morning (about 10am) I am just now sitting down for my first meal of the day (safe for a small slice of left over pizza from a few nights ago when I woke up). When I set out to look for a place to grab a late lunch, all I wanted to find was a cute coffee shop where I could work on my novel (and blog of course). After driving all over Newport, KY and Covington, KY, I decided to come back to the good ol' Over-the-Rhine and spend some time at Coffee Emporium where I had a breakfast borritto (little donkey) and a soy latte.

They really do have a good thing going on.

Complete with impromptu drop ins from the mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory, who just left a few minutes ago, picking up an order of cupcakes.
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Early Morning Blogging

I have been up for several hours, thought there are several people still asleep who spent the night after an impromptu mini-party we had last evening. So I have been playing with my new computer and have found several great components to this thing. One quirk that I do not like (which I have been fooling with for the past hour) is that I can not figure out how to get pics from my digital camera to download on to my computer.

It is driving me insane!

I wanted to post a great shot of the elephant ears growing outside of my bedroom mirror that I snapped as I awoke, but I guess the shot of the elephant ears and mums growing in the front yard that I snapped with my phone last evening will have to do. The elephant ears growing in the backyard out side of my bedroom window are twice as large.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Thank God its the weekend!

As I was walking out of work to head home I had every intention of going for a long run when I got home in celebration of the long weekend. Well, that is all fine and dandy, but on the way home, my enthusiasm for the run started to wane and by the time I got home, the only thing I wanted to do was to lay on the couch and take a long disco nap before we headed out for the evening...

Low and behold, when I got home, guess what was waiting for me in the mail.

The new issue of GENRE magazine, with one of the hottest bois on the cover that I have seen in awhile (see above).
This definitely got me motivated for the run.....

A good day so far.

I hope that this post doesn't sound too vane, but to day has been a good day so far.

I woke up to remember that it was pay day.

I found $40 in a pair of jeans that I had not worn for a few weeks and....

I when I got to work today, I was informed that Monday was Columbus Day, which means a paid day off.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Blogger Responded..

If you read my blog, you don't see many comments, so when a fellow blogger takes the time to respond to something that I had to say, I HAVE to give them props.

The following comment was sent to me via email by Nathan from NathanExposed, after I commented about the new show Pushing Daises.

Nathan wrote:
I'm glad I could help you out :) Yeah I definitely recommend it. When I first heard about it, the premise threw me off too. But I think it's going to work really well. I've found myself waiting impatiently for next week's episode, so that's a good sign. By the way, I clicked over to your blog. You have gorgeous eyes :)

Cute, Cute, Cute...Thanks Nathan!

A Day In The Life of a NAMjA

Today, I am back at the ol' 9 to 5, but yesterday, I took the day off (its a long story and I will definitely let you guys know really soon why I took yesterday off).

But the reason why I mention it, is because the day that I experienced yesterday should be my typical day of work and not just a random occurrence.

I woke up to a small breakfast and finished some work for a few of my clients that wanted their resume and cover letters spruced up a bit and then ran an errand.

All this before lunch!

After a quick meeting with a client after lunch, I sat in Starbucks (I know...they are the devil) and did a bit more work before a walked home.

It was an absolutely perfect day outside and for the first time in many months, shoulders were not tense when I got in after a days of work. I was even able to enjoy my siesta before I went for a run through Eden Park.

All my work days should be like this.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When Balls Go Flying, Someone Always Gets Hurt

And in this case, it could have very well been me.

Last night was the second night of league volleyball play in the Cava League here in the fair city. I am on the team called "Another One" (original, I know). We play three sets, the team winning the best out of two winning the game (or match, not really sure, but you get the point).

Well last night I was running a bit late due to our monthly community council meeting, so I race in and take over the the hot little sub (substitute) that was filling in and started to play.

Just a few plays in to the match, a teammate and me went for the same ball. At the last minute, I pulled up, letting the ball hit him square on the chin, making the ball fly right into my eye, knocking one of my contacts out....or so I thought.

While both teams stopped play and assisted me in looking for my fallen contact (btw one of the most embarrassing moments of my life), I wiggled my eye a bit and it popped out.

Needless to say, we ended up losses 2 out of the 3 matches.

All is fair in love of balls.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Impulse Buys Can Be The Death of You

As most of you may know, I am currently without a car. Since the weather has been nice, I have not had too much of a problem getting out of bed and off to work, but Ol' man winter is just around the corner, so I thought I should be a bit more proactive in my attempt to find a replacement vehicle.

So Saturday, I ventured out to Performance Honda on the outskirts of town and went through the difficult task of choosing a car, test driving it, applying for financing, only to be told that they will give me a call on Monday. In layman's terms, "You ain't getting jack squat from us."

In frustration of, yet again, getting turned down for a car loan, I decided to take the bull by its horns and purchase a laptop.

I know what you are thinking, if I do not have a car, what in Sam hill do I need with a laptop?
Since I had been thwarted in financing a car, I have decided to place more effort in beginning ION Consultants, the company that has been several years in the making. I know the laptop sets me back a ways in trying to get a car, but I can do three times as much work if for the business (advertising, resumes, cover letters etc) if I have my own laptop.

Also, it was cool to write a check for so much money....lol
I guess you are curious as to what type of laptop I got. Well, its not the best, but its definitely not the worst. I bought a Toshiba M5. Above is a stock pick of it.