Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Queen City Has Never Smelled So Sweet

The cascading lights of the new Great American tower dominated the Friday night skyline of Cincinnati as a traveled home from the airport last night. The stark contrast of the city’s crispness to the past week’s warmth of the Dominican Republic was surprisingly refreshing.

Despite my absence, I have been keeping up with Cincinnati Shenanigans while I have been away. I am sorry that I missed the city’s celebration of St. Paddy’s Day (for I heard that it was one of the best ever) and the local college basketball team’s first win in The Big Dance (American Airlines does not seem it important enough to show the games on international flights).

Another thing caught my eye when reading over Cincinnati news while on vacation, the fact that PNC Bank announced that National City accounts had been compromised BEFORE they were acquired, AND Cincinnati accounts were the only ones affected.

What’s up with that?

Whatever the case, I hope I get some money back.

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