Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time 2 Rock Out With Your Bock Out!

Last night I ventured out into the streets for the Bock Fest and was so surprised at the turnout! I had to miss the parade which originated from Arnold’s Bar because of work, but managed to hit up Bock Fest Hall (the old Hussman Factory at Liberty and Vine) around 9pm where there was standing room only.

Not wanting to miss out on anything, after an hour or so I ventured to Grammer’s just across the street where I was not only met with a German cladden Jim Tarbell, but a second floor speak easy which was turned into a pseudo European discothèque.

As the night prolonged, and shoulders began to be rubbed more frequently, I made my way to Milton’s (your neighborhood bar) just for a nightcap on my way home. Not only did I have more than a night cap, but yet again I was met with a over capacitated watering hole.

Never before have I seen a Friday night in Cincinnati like this. The closest has been Pride Weekend just after the parade, and still it pales in comparison with last night’s shenanigans.

I can only imagine what tonight’s Sausage Queen Final competition will add to the weekend. Whatever the case, I will be ready to rock-0ut with my Bock out!

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