Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wow, where has the year gone?

I don’t know, but over the past week, it seems that I have finally gotten back on track with my life’s goals.

The summer has a way of knocking me off track of what I really want out of life. Not having a steady source of income is another way that your dreams can get off track.

Well the summer is gone, so more time indoors are soon to come. Also, I was offered a full-time and permanent position at the non-profit agency that I worked for all this summer. The pay is increased from what I was making so I can finally get back on track with my financial goals.

Last Monday I was offered the position and I treated myself to the good news to buying a gym membership, complete with a new workout plan.

Since my last day at my old position was Thursday, I took Friday off and formulated a one year personal financial plan. I know it sounds cheesy, but I figured if businesses can do it, why not do it for my personal finances.

Things seem to be back on track.

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