Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Family That Laughs...

Sorry for the lag of posts guys – things have been topsy tervy to say the least.
Not only have I been busy cultivating my new business venture with advertising and actually working on projects. In fact, was had the opportunity to a radio spot on Media Bridges’ Cincinnati Conscience radio program this past Monday.

I have also taken on a few other projects for non-profit organizations. I am organizing my neighborhood’s block party which I do every year and I am dipping my hand into planning the first major event for Bridging Broadway, a non-profit organization which connects people and places to promote a new downtown entertainment district in Cincinnati.

There were a myriad of reasons why I left the corporate world about a month ago, but the reason which topped the list was due to the fact that my grandmother’s health had been failing and with a number of our family members scattered throughout the country, I wanted to be more available to her.

A few weeks ago, she made the hard decision to enter hospice and let nature take its course, which ended this past Tuesday.

Different people handle death in different ways. Some people go into a deep depression, some attempt to recapture the memories that spent with the departed and others go cold.
Our family is one which laughs through both good times and the bad. At Thanksgiving dinners or family graduations, we would spend hours laughing, not in a cynical way, but at the memories of our the way in which we grew up and the times that we spent living below the poverty line and our attempts to make ends meet. And I feel that this time, though we will be sojourning my grandmother, we will celebrate her passing in similar fashion

My grandmother was a fighter, living on her terms until she decided that the fight was too much for take any further.

She enjoyed a passion for music and through her zest for living life to the fullest, endless affection for family and her exceptionally unconditional love for people close to her, she exemplifies a woman who left a “legacy of love” in the path in which she walked.

She loved good food and socializing, and had a wonderful smile that could light up a room. Many will not only remember her as being a mother to her own five children, but a mother and friend of her community. She was “The Rock” in which we could rely on for advice and guidance and she will be greatly missed by everyone whose life she touched.

She will be missed and never forgotten.

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