Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well, This NAMjA Is Back In "Da Nati"

I am back from my whirl wind trip to Philadelphia.

Some may be asking of all the places to visit for the weekend, why would I choose Philly?

Well, despite the vibrant night life, cultural history and fabulous shopping, I was there for a job interview.

So this Cincinnati NAMjA may become Philadelphia NAMjA

I have to say, I did enjoy the four days that I spent in the city. Though I stayed at a hotel near the airport (not my first choice), via public transportation I was only a few short minutes from downtown. The city's layout was very easy to follow, causing me only to get lost once, which is not bad.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see historical Philadelphia. On the day that I planned to sight see that part, it rained.

Well, if I get the position, I will have all the time in the world to see it.

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