Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers: Just Getting Started

These five gentlemen are one of the most talented singers that I have ever witnessed.

Though I have only seen The Northern Kentucky Brotherhood Singers perform locally, I am sure that if there were placed up against some of my favorite vocalist such as Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross and the like, they would definitely be able to hold their own.

Being born and raised in Covington, I have seen them perform several times and each time was just as invigorating as the first. Here is a video of them performing my favorite song of theirs in Spain last year.

Not tooting my own horn, they actually performed back up for me a few times. They have have graciously provided their services for several of my family member's "homecoming" celebrations, and for that, I very great full.

The first time was when at my little brother's 8th grade graduation. One of the band member's daughter graduated with my brother and since I had gone to the school as well, I was asked to perform at the ceremony.

The second time was when I performed the National Anthem at Kenton County Library's 1st Annual Fall Folk Festival. We never even practiced before we performed. The told me just to sing and they will improvise the back ground vocals for me.

Click here to watch them the National Anthem at the Great American Ball Park for one of the Red's games.

You can read about this amazing singing group in an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. You can also experience a live performance Thursday, Oct 9 at The Carnegie in Covington.

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