Thursday, April 30, 2009

Guide To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Part 2): Where To Stay

Only second to air fare, where you rest your head takes up most of the time when it comes to planning your trip. To us gay men, the three most important questions that we think about when deciding on which hotel to book are the following:

- How close it the hotel to the beach?

- Is there an open bar located in the hotel lobby?

- How attractive are the pool boys?

Though these are top concerns for most gay men, I am a bit more frugal than some of my counterparts. So when choosing a hotel I settled for looking at its proximity to the beach, price of the hotel and hotness of the cabana boy (I make my own drinks, thank you very much).

For those who are looking for a safer, high end stay, you will find your best find with Blue Seas Beach Resort. Located steps away from the famous gay portion of Puerto Vallarta's beach front, for a price range of $180 to $235 (American) per night you can stay in a hotel that claims to be the only luxury beach front hotel catering to the gay and lesbian community in Puerto Vallarta.

For those who are looking to stay in a place with a bit more "naughty" clientele, the Vallarta Cora is the place to lay your head. For a not so subtle fee of $85 to $120 (American) per night, and with its combination of hotel, bar and 'men only' spa, one would not have to leave the premises to satisfy all of one's needs (unless of course you wanted to eat, but who needs to do that).

For an even mix of the two extremes mentioned above, my best pick would be Boana Torres Malibu. Its location is just steps away from the afore mentioned Blue Seas Hotel, coupled with its affordable rates (ranging from $45 to $190 American per night) and on site swimming pool make it a great spot for any gay minded individual wanting to make the most of their visit (and the pool boy is not half bad looking either).

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