Friday, April 04, 2008

3 Doors Down Shoot Next Video Next Door

I have heard of the band, 3 Doors Down before, but since I am a conasour of early to mid 90's R&B and pop music, this band somehow slipped under my radar.

Doing a bit of research, it looks as though they have been around for while and have sold over 13 million albums in the US alone since thier debut album in 2000.Nothing to shake a stick at.I was walking home from work yesterday and happened upon this band shooting the video to their next single coming out in a month or so. The name of the song escapes me right now, but as I listened to them, they were not half bad.

Bare with me, I am still working on purchasing a new camera so that the video is of better quality, but here is what a shot during the shoot.


Queer in the Cincy said...

I'm amused by this one -- "somehow this band flew under my radar." That "Superman" of theirs song from earlier this decade still haunts me. But that's what you get for listening to Top40s radio.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

lol...too true!