Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Pics of The Queen City

Inside the Courtyard at Verdin Bell Centre

Storefront at Woodward and Main Streets

St. Mary's Baptist Church on E. 13th Street.

School for the Creative and Performing Arts as seen through neighbor's tulips.

Pendleton Neighborhood Children's Garden on E. 13th. Street.

View of Downtown going south on Sycamore Street. (No I was not driving).

Me old fraternity house at the corner of Brookline and Jefferson Avenues in Clifton.


Anonymous said...

Did ye old fraternity house change hands in the past year or so? Is it going to be turned back into a normal (spectacular) house??

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Not sure what is going to/has happend to the house. It may be turned into appartments with the housing market in the dumper.