Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cincinnati City Council Wanna-Be's Face Off

This morning on Channel 12's NewsMakers, four people running for this year's Cincinnati City Council seats squared off.

On today's program, Laura Quinlivan, Charlie Winburn, Bernadett Watson, and Tony Fischer all went tete-a-tete on issues facing the Queen City. From budget cuts to debate on the reamifications of bring a casino to Broadway Commons were all placed on the table.

Though Fisher and Watson made an acceptable appearance, the real fireworks came when Issue 9 and the street car was brought to the forefront.

Quainlivan made a valid and passionate argument about the necessity of an established transportation system, found in the street car, in addition to her publicly denouncing her approval for Issue 9.

This sentiment was also heralded by Fisher and Watson. The only opposition came from Winburn who repeated harped in the violence and crime that was prevalent in the proposed street car route.

In my opinion, here are my grades on the City Council Candidate's Sunday morning appearance:

Laure Quinlivan: A-

Charlie Winburn: C-

Bernadett Watson: B

Tony Fischer: B

If you mised it, form your own opinion by watching what you missed here.

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