Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back in da Habit

(Russian Hill in San Francisco over looking The Golden Gate Bridge taken last week)

I know that I have not been updating ‘da NAMjA’ in the past few months, but just like chicken soup, a break is sometimes also good for the soul.

The break was also due to fact that I just began working in a new capacity at work (I am still in a cubicle though I will get over that) and I am a day removed from a week-long travel up AND down California's Pacific Coast.

Just before the onset of both of the reasons why I have not been blogging, I wasn't in the greatest place, both mentally and physically.

Over the past two months, not only have I been blessed with the opportunity to be transferred to a higher paying, more professional working environment, I have also been afforded to opportunity to experience San Diego beaches, central California's rolling hills and valleys, and also the uber-metropolitan antics that San Francisco nights (and in some case their days) have to offer.

It is a wonder how much a small excursion away from your normal day-to-day living, coupled with a slight change in your working environment, can open your mind and give you more of a reason to, for lack of a less dramatic

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