Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Back and I'm Proud!

The time is finally here!

I know that I have been abscent from this blog for a good while, but good things have been happening.

A new job that I love.

A new and brighter outlook on life.

And most importantly, I am almost completed with my book!

"Chronicles of a Boy Misunderstood" is a series of three "chronicles". There are three fiction "chronicles" all depicting the struggles that some gay African American men face or have faced living here in America.

 have had some trouble in editing and publishing the book because of the subject matter. In many cases publishers / editors have had difficulties dealing with the aforementioned subject matter because it deals with African American male homosexuality coupled with inter0racial relationships.

What complicates things is that this book transcends generations; depicting inter-racial homosexuality during the late 1800's as well as in present time.

I am currently attenpting to get this project is funded through KickStarter and if funded I will have the freedom of hiring an established editor and continue the self publishing of this piece so that I will not be persuaded to change the societal and historic relevance of the piece which makes it unique.

Take a look at the video that I have posted for the piece and if you believe in its messege, please donate to make sure that this project becomes a reality.

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