Monday, October 23, 2006

Columbus A Go Go

Wanting to get out of the Nasty Nati for a bit, I sort of bamboozled my way into hitching a ride with a friend of mine to Columbus, OH for the night (sorry DEW). Columbus is about 110 miles north of Cincinnati so when you decided to leave at 8:45pm on a Saturday night, you do not have long to get ready. So in 2.2 seconds, or so it seemed we were out the door and on the road.

We were able to snag a room at the Courtyard Marriott, Downtown Columbus, within walking distance from most of the hotspots that we wanted to hit up.

Arriving in Columbus just before 11pm, we freshened up and headed out. It has been almost six years since I had even set foot in Columbus so needless to say, some of the bars and their locations have changed. Q, located on N 5th Street was our first stop, and just 4 blocks east of our hotel, was an easy walk. The crowd was a bit older than I had expected and a bit sparser than anticipated, though lived up as the night progressed. Though small, Q has two levels with lounging areas, a dance floor, square bar tops and a front bar, this little chib (Korean for house) can pack a big punch.

As the night wore on the capacity of the little placed filled and I felt as if I was in Chicago at Hydrate on a Saturday night so we decided to head to Axis just a few blocks away on High Street.

Bad idea.

The club was fun the last time I went, but of course that was close to six years ago when I was a lot closer in age to those that populated the place this past weekend.

This Saturday taught me a lot of things about Columbus and myself, because of that, I am glad that I went.


B said...

Yahooty of the booty for good times!

Walker Evans said...

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