Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weekend Rundown

I regretfully did not make it to the opening weekend of Dream Girls as I had planned on Friday. I instead attended the wedding of a woman that I graduated highschool, followed by a B-day party at the Lazy Gecko.

The weeding was great, but I felt as if I were in a time warp. As I said before, a friend of mine that I graduated highschool with got married. The man that she married was the son of our highschool girl's basketball team and well respected in our school system while I attended. This meant that a bevy of teachers and school administrators were present. Flashes of 10th grade algebra and 11th grade homeroom sessions darted back to me as I watched the two take their vows and during the reception. Coincidentally, the grooms older sister was among my graduating class as well.

After the wedding, I rushed home to change out of my wedding attire and into party gear where a met up with a few friends for a D-day party at the Lazy Gecko in Dayton, KY. This little known gem had a live band playing all night which added to our fun.

I swear I will see Dream Girls this Friday. I'll let you know if the reviews were truthful or not.

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