Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rothenberg School Meeting: A re-cap

Last Thursday's Over-The-Rhine Community Learning Center Process meeting went well.

Going into the meeting, I thought that the gathering would be over shadowed with hot headedness, causing the process to be stalled.

That was definitely not the case.

The meeting ended with defined action items and committee meeting times to set up and develop both the design and curriculum of the proposed community learning center.

Unfortunately, I do not have the expertise to help with the physical design of the school and am unable to make the meeting time designated to talk about the curriculum, will continue to follow the process as closely as I can, adding input and suggestions when I can.

If you would like to put your input on either the design or curriculum of the new Rothenberg Community Learning Center, you can do so and either one of the following meetings:

Curriculum Committee will meet on April 17, 2008 at 3pm at Rothenburg

Physical Design Committee meeting time is soon to be determined.

There will be a Parent Dinner/Pep rally held on March 23 from 4pm to 5::30pm at Rothenberg

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