Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All Is Right At Deli Seven 20

Formerly Poppies’ Deli located on Elm Street, Deli Seven 20 has emerged as one of the best kept lunch time secrets of Cincinnati’s business district.

Now located in what was formerly called Buck Town, at the corner of Pete Rose Way and Eggleston, Deli 720 has succeeded in carving out a niche in The Sawyer Point Building, pre-made with captive clientele comprised of several different companies including C.R.E. Corporation, and Northlich Incorporated.

Deli 720 uses its new home, built in 1905 and once the home to the American Tool Company and then White Consolidated Industries, to serve some of the most saliva inspiring lunch time delights in the city.

Michelle Lightfoot, the brains and beauty behind the popular Poppies’ struck gold again with her recent proprietary achievement. Her signature recipes of freshly chopped garden veggies and thinly sliced sandwich meats, in addition to tasty toppings have all made the transition across town from the widely popular Poppies’ to the insatiable Deli Seven 20.

Open weekdays 8am to 3pm, you can stop by on your way to work or at lunch time and settle your taste buds on their riki tiki turkey sandwich, comprised of roast turkey, Swiss cheese, olive tapenade and honey mustard all layered nicely atop a fucaccia.

Not only that, you can stay on the healthy side by choosing the equally delectable salad seven 20 infused with mixed greens chilled pasta, tomato, blue cheese, English cucumber, toasted pine nuts and chopped bacon.

Note: Your sandwich and salad option also include your choice of ingredient mix and matches, included daily made soups and home-made sweet potato chips.

Taking no more than five minutes from order to delivery, Deli seven 20 is a perfect lunch time place for you if you are looking for something new and fresh without paying an arm and a leg.

Deli Seven 20, 720 East Pete Rose Way, 513.381.3720, deliseven20@fuse.com








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