Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Savings Plan: Step 2

Step Two: The Smaller The Better

It's not always the size that matters. Speaking of Netflix as I did in the last step, if you simply cannot live without your subscription, how about cutting your movie delivery from 3 to 1 at a time?

I am sure that the extra two movies will still be waiting for you on your que when you are ready for them. You can also take a good look at your cell phone bill. If you are paying for 600 minutes per month but only use about 250 minutes on average, maybe it's time to switch to a less expensive plan.

Another area to investigate is that of your gym membership, which I know you must have. Ask your gym if there is a way to save on your monthly costs by only paying for a membership to one of the gyms in town instead of having the all inclusive package.

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