Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Like Brother...Like Brother?

Being a closet sports fan, I usually stay abreast of major sports stories that circumvent the sports arena (no pun intended). Albeit, it’s in a tertiary manor that I do so, but at least I can tell you that there is a very big football game going on this weekend. I can even tell you the color of the team's outfits. Just kidding… My experience playing football against Shaun Alexander in high school gives me a bit more credit than that.

One thing that I did not know was that Carson Palmer had a younger brother who was in the NFL. Not until I found out that Jordan Palmer (who from know on will be known as Lil’ Palmer) has just been signed to a two year deal with the Bengals.

Let's see how many people with the same last name we can put on one pro football team....what do ya say?

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