Friday, January 18, 2008

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Donates Land For The Greater Good

I read this morning, around 9:30am in the Enquirer that a meeting was to be held where officials of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will discuss a land dispute.

Originally I head that the Freedom Center wanted $1 million for the land which The Banks Project wants to develop. I thought this was a bit much. So before the scheduled press conference, I visited the Hamilton County auditor's website to get a better idea of how much this property is worth.

Now granted, this is the first time I have actually used the site to get an idea of property value, but I did not think it would be that difficult.

I found the lot, but was confused to find out that the owner of this plot was listed as The Banks. This was about 10:15am, just minutes after the press conference had begun.

I go back to the Enquirer and find out that the Freedom Center plans to donate the land instead of asking any money for it, due to not wanting to "hold up" The Banks Projects.

I am glad that officials from the Freedom Center are putting this project of the forefront. Granted, they intend to benefit from the completion of The Banks, but in light of the museums financial situation, I though they would ask for a little bit more many than $0.

Either the auditor's web developer's are quick, or this deal has been in the making for a few days.

PS...Make sure you take advantage of the Freedom Center's free admission on Monday, Jan 21!

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