Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Call for Action

Early this morning, in the 400 block of East 13th, three lives were taken before they even had a change to live.

The coward that did this unimaginable act may not immediately receives what he deserves, due to our city's police force, despite their most valiant efforts, but even i he this perpetrator is never caught, he will see the whites of the eyes which he stole from this Earth.

Our neighborhood must take back its streets!

This abominable act occurred on the heels, and just a few feet from one last Saturday's Spring Fling, where children (and adults alike) enjoyed the afternoon and was momentarily taken away from the trials and tribulation of everyday life.

We Need To Be Visible - Those in our community (including myself) have to not be afraid to walk down the street, say hello to those hanging out on the street corner. If they can stand out on the stoop for hours at a time, I am sure that we can do the same.

We Need To Call Early And Often - There are several apartment buildings on the block in which I live, that are known drug dens. Our neighbors know it, and the Police know it, but yet they still exist. I want to plead to all of my neighbors to call the Police ANY time they see suspisious activity. That may be someone waiting i a parked car, for nor reason, and a person casing cars.

Act A Fool - If you are ever approached by someone who you do not know and they attempt to rob you....ACT A DAMN FOOL! Yell, scream, holler and let them know that you re not going down without a fight.

Of course this is not an all inclusive plan for decreasing violence. Cooperation with neighbors, the education system, organizations all will continue to play a part.

We have to stop this violence and we have to stop it NOW!

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