Sunday, June 21, 2009

WWCBD: What Would Chris Brown Do?

People Magazine answered some of the questions that we all had on our minds about the Monday's court appearance of Chris Brown and Rhianna.
More than four months after Chris Brown allegedly assaulted her, Rihanna is expected to break her silence Monday during testimony in a Los Angeles court. The hearing is to determine if there's enough evidence for a trial against Brown.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the case:

What will she say?
Rihanna's lawyer has steadfastly said the singer will comply with prosecutors and tell the truth. Her testimony is expected to mirror a detective's report. Experts say she could be on the stand for approximately two hours, including cross-examination by Brown's attorney. Cameras won't be allowed in the courtroom.

Will Brown be there in person?
Yes, he's required to attend.

But isn't it true that she can't be forced to testify?
Correct. While Rihanna is legally required to appear in court, she could refuse to take the stand and the court cannot threaten her with jail time [as can be done in a non-domestic violence case]. At most, she could be punished with fines or other sanctions, but a judge may be reluctant to do so. Also, prosecutors could decide last-minute not to call her as a witness.

Are the rumors true that she hit him first that night?
It's unknown – and may not soon be known. The detective's report makes no mention that she physically instigated the alleged fight, which the report says was started over a text message Brown received from a previous lover. Lawyers for both Rihanna and Brown had no comment on this question. The judge also may not allow questions to be asked about previous physical fights the couple may have had, which would be seen as outside the scope of a preliminary hearing.

Find out the rest of what People Magazine found out here.

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