Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cincinnati Does Idol

In the latest attempt to capitalize on American Idol and its subsequent "Reality TV" following, Cincinnati's own world renowned Opera Company conducted its first Cincinnati Opera Idol last night.

A few weeks ago 160 eager vocalist tried out for 10 coveted spots and last night those 10 voices shined.

Coincidentally; one of the best voices of the evening was my co-worker, Quarndra Ryan.

Throughout the night the 10 spectacular voices were supposed to be weeded down to 5, but due to a tie in the voting, 6 singers we pushed through to the next round of voting.

And my dear Quarndra made it!

The next round of voting for the first ever Cincinnati Opera Idol will begin Monday where online votes will be counted for at least a week.

Go to and watch the top 6 performers and then cast your vote.

Don't worry about forgetting because I will be sending out reminders here, on facebook and twitter.

May the best one win (go Quarndra!)

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