Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Beloved Margaret Garner Seminar

I am anouncing the new seminar/talkI am offering. For more information, click the following link or just read the post.

Using the pieces Beloved, written by Toni Morrison and its adapted screen play and musical, this seminar examines the pivotal role in which Cincinnati played in the capture, expedition, and treatment of African Americans during the mid 1800’s.

During this eye-opening seminar, you will discover the truths and fiction in the story of Margaret Garner, a runaway slave, whose capture threw Cincinnati into the thrawls of national news, establishing some of the bases for legislation challenging the definition that a slave was property.

About the Presenter:
Kareem A. Simpson – Owner and operator of ION Consultants, and published author.

Published articles include (but not limited to):
“History of Jazz in Covington, KY” (The Covingtonian), “History of James Bradley” (The Anchor), and soon to be released Encyclopedia of Northern KY (“Rag-Time” Entry).

Scholarly Writings include;
“Information: The Perfect Economic Good” and “African Americans Capitalizing on the Changes Occurring in Academic Libraries”

Presented to the following organizations:
Beckfield College, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Gateway Community College, General Public, Holmes Alternative School, Kenton County Public Library staff, KY Association for Blacks in Higher Education, Two Rivers Elementary School and the Urban Learning Center.

If you are interested in having this seminar presented to your group or organization, please visit our website @ or call 513.885.6740.

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