Monday, July 06, 2009

The Monday After..

This past weekend was a bit too short, but aren't all of them?

FRIDAY- July 3
Though Friday was technically a holiday, I made the ever damning decision to work the entire day because I had no plans until later that night....big mistake. There was very little time to get home and get ready for the first event of The Equinox.

The night, held at the former an soon to open Hamburger Mary's was great! It was a nice mix of out of towners and old faces that remembered the hay day of Hamburger Mary's before it was turned into Universal Grille.

I loved the was that the staff hammed up the fact that the building was still under construction by dawning construction garb as the served us.

After a full day of recovery, I hit up one of the best bloody mary bars in town at The Pub in Hyde Park. Check it out any weekend before will not be sorry you did.

Later that it it was off the the big Equinox shin-dig. The Grand Ballroom of The Millennium Hotel was decked out in swooping shades, back lit with red lights which faded to blue, then to yellow and so on.

The night was way to most are. Great music and fun friends whom I had not seen in awhile all helped the night to be perfect.

A whole lot of nothing...can you blame me?

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