Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CityBeat Shows Little Love for Michael Jackson

In a print journal that boasts being one of the un-fettered voices of the city, you would think that CityBeat would have given more headlines given to the passing of, the way that Berry Gordy put it, "the greatest entertainer of all times."

But this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

In an upcoming article of mine, I am delineating the way that we ("we" being the public) tied the hands of media to dissect ever art of Jackson's life. Though the man may have strived to be the greatest entertainer ever, he did not ask for what came with the fame.

Over the past week or so, people's facebook and twitter status' (including mine) have shown how we felt for the fallen star.

CNN and Time Magazine have been capitalizing on the public display of mourning, giving more example of the tradegy-ization of Michael Jackson.
Al Sharpton put it so eloquently at the singers memorial @ the Staples Center when he professed to Michael Jackson's 3 children that his father was not strange, but it was strange what their father had to deal with throughout his life.

It may be oxymoronic that I continue to blog about the death, but, just like Michael Jackson, I too am only human.

Maybe I will write about this in Thursday night's writing workshop @ InkTank.

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