Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am loving on Lambert!

During most of my military career, I was a very closeted and very scared person.

Just a year or two out of high school, I had no idea how to express my feelings for men, or for anyone for that matter.

The weird thing is that it was MTV that help me out during those tumultuous later teen years, and helped me to find myself and let myself become more comfortable with my sexuality.

That is why this morning I am loving on Lambert.

Though it was not MTV and I did not actually watch his Loud and Out performance, music is yet again making me feel more comfortable about being out and proud.

Taking a page from Madonna or Brittany, at last nights AMA's AL strutted the stage with collared men, gyrated his pelvis with dancers and his band members alike and topped it off with a dead on lip lock one of his male band members.

This is a personal note to you AL- Keep doing what you do. You will help more people than they say you hurt!

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