Monday, November 30, 2009

A Weekend For Champions

First and foremost, after using the methods that I learned in the book "The Gabriel Method", I have lost 6lbs in the past seven days.

I can honestly say it was because of the things that I learned in this book for two reasons; (1) I ate way too much food over the past week to loose it because of exercising and (2), it has been more than a year since I have been down to this weight, despite the intense workouts and dieting.

That being said, I celebrated a little too much.

Friday night, I attended and private party and then went on to, should I even say, a straight club. I have to say, for the past decade, I have avoided straight establishments because I did not want to change the way that I acted to appease other people. Friday, I felt every so comfortable in the presence of straights…in fact, they were sexier their gay counterparts. I was amazed of the swagger and fashion sense that they exuded.

Red and I hosted a small party on Saturday evening that ended very well (wink wink).

Sunday I ventured to a straight bar to watch the Bengals whoop up on some Browns. I did not go just because it was a straight bar, but to meet up with a Bret, a straight acting guy who I have been chatting with for about a year now, but have never had the courage to meet up with him BECAUSE he only goes to straight bars.

It was so much fun to actually watch a football game with other people who are involved with the game. So much better then hanging out at one of the cities gay establishments where there may be only two other people on a Sunday afternoon and you have to bend the server’s arm to get them to even turn on the game.

No big plans this weekend, but I will be working a boat load of over time in order to be prepared for Xmas shopping. Also there has been this cute guy checking me out at the gym. I wonder what will come about that.

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