Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BLOG: The Other White Meat

This is such a strange word for something that has seemed to have taken over the world of the internet and self publishing via the web. Also, it amazes me that so many who are fluent in computer-ese have little idea as to a blog's function or purpose. Just last night, my friend's fiancé, who I would not call computer illiterate in the least, asked me, "What is a blog?"
I have recently become somewhat addicted to the "act of blogging". A few months ago, I was so hooked on the fact that I could express my views and have it read on the internet that I created a blog that looked much like an online magazine. I wrote very structured articles on issues that plucked a nerve in me and happenings that I thought people would like to read about. Looking back, I realize that blogs are not meant to be so structured and stylized. This, coupled with the fact that no one left any comments, brought me to the conclusion that this way was not the best way to run my blog.

Blogs can tell a lot about a person. Searching the myriad examples of this newly prophesied medium, I have found blogs chronicling daily choices of underwear to the gritty quips of a young, up and coming male porn star. Not to leave out everything in between. Also, inspecting the blogs that people follow can tell additional volumes of a person's interests, beliefs and personal convictions.

As I return to letting my thoughts flow from my brain, through my fingers and become immortalized in this new style of expression, I thought I would set up a blog that parallels a more traditional blog.

So instead of writing a prelude to my current life filled with the varied details of my past life such as my (virtually) fatherless childhood or my convoluted stint in the US Army, I will present to you a list of some blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Hopefully this will give you a better perspective of the past that I am from, my current mental state of mind, and the future life that I would like to lead.

These are just a few that I follow (the ones that are not mentioned are not appropriate for some viewing audiences). If you have a blog that you think will tickle my fancy, let me know. As you know, with any addiction, the hunger never dies!

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