Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Black Thumbs May Be Turning Green

Everyone loves the first warm day of the year. Although the spring season has already officially begun, Thursday was the first beautiful day that I had seen all year.

I was lucky enough to had already scheduled to be off of work that day. My friend, who owns his own landscape company, asked if I would assist him on one of his jobs. Lucky for me, I accepted.

On our way to the site, I asked what exactly the job entailed. I guess I should have asked before I accepted, because he told me that we were mulching a hill side. My first thought was to jump out of the car faster than a kidnapped woman on Vicodin, but I calmed down and was blown away by the site once we arrived.

The home that we worked at was located in the Indian Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati. Majestic homes, long drive ways and grandiose lawns are the standard in this area. I'm sure it says that somewhere in the community's by-laws. This neighborhood has resided such famous Cincinnatians as the late Marge Schott-Unnewehr and President Douch, I mean Bush has attended several fundraisers hosted at homes in Indian Hill.
The home that we worked out overlooked Marimont. The views were great and the weather was perfect. Too bad it was my job to move over 120 bags of Black Hardwood mulch. I'm sure the name of the mulch did not prompt my friend, the owner of the landscape company, to pick it.

What ever...

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