Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another One For The Bengals

This title may be a bit misleading title.

Yes it is true that the Bengals reclaimed their dignity in a major way with the comback victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We all here in Cincinnati remember Cincinnati's final game of last years season when a player form the Steelers 'accidental' took Palmer out on one of their defensive plays. Many thought it was the single act that kept Cincinnati from going on to win the AFC championship and the SuperBowl.

But one would never know.

The title of this blog could also remark about yet another black spot on the pride of Bengals and their fans with the arrest of Odell Thurman for driving under the influence after the aforementioned Bengals win. Thurman, who is already suspended for infractions against the National Football League's Substance Abuse policy, was stopped on Kellogg Ave in the East End at a sobriety check point , after he a a few other team mates celebrated their comback win at the popular night club, Annie's. It did not help that Chris Henry, one of the shinnig stars of last Sunday's victory, was also in the car and preceeded to vomit during the altercation with the police.

Today, Marvin Lewis, Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals said that Thurman was done for the 2006 football season. I guess that was the correct thing to do. We do not want to give the impression that the Bengals are above the law or anything like that.

I think that it is a shame that Thurman got caught by the police on this matter. I think that if it was kept internally, Thurman would have had a shot in playing sometime this year. Thurman is a large guy and it seems to me that the .17 that he blew in the breath-alizer did not adequately show how inebriated he was. Buy of course I am no scientist or doctor so I could be totally off base here. Lewis hit it on the head when the only thing that he said about Henry is that it was 'bad timing'. I is not against any rules for Henry to drink. Thank God he was not driving.

But of course that's just my thoughts

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