Friday, September 29, 2006

Scary But Good

In a small high school in a rural Northern Kentucky town, two dozen or so high school students and middle school met in the early morning hours, before school started to sing Christian songs around the school’s flag pole. Why you may ask? This was an even planned to commemorate "See You at the Pole", an annual, global event that happens at public school flag poles on the fourth Wednesday of September. During this ‘celebration’ the students proceeded to ask God to send “moral and spiritual awakening” to their small campus and to other high school campuses around the county.

With the uproar that has been given to religion at public school (ohh, did I mention that it was a public school that this prayer service was conducted at?), I am surprised that there was not more of an outcry of dis approval and anger.

It funny for me to say, but I say good for them. Though I think that its is a bit weird to depart your yellow school morning and to see a group of students chanting outside of your school doors, circling a flagpole, since we live in a country where free speech is king, I say go for it. The same thing that lets them celebrate this way is the same thing that keeps me writing this blog.

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