Monday, September 25, 2006

What Writing Block?

Have you ever wanted to read a story that you wished exemplified your life, or an experience that you wanted to experience? I would assume that you have and even if you haven't, there are many who read and purchase novels just for this very reason. This is the reason why I am in the process of writing the novel entitled Ten to One. I have looked longingly for a novel where the stories centered on someone that I could completly relate. Coming to terms with the fact that those novels are far and few between, I decided to create the novel myself.

Ten to One follows the life of Jacob Taylor, a new college graduate living in Cincinnati, OH. Shortly after graduation from the University of Cincinnati, Jacob lands an unwanted job at the Midnite Starr, a tabloid based in Cincinnati. While on assignment with his cigar smoking, quick lipped and tight assed partner, Franky Simpson, who spends more time trying to put Jacob down rather than help him become acquainted with his new job, stumbles on a murder plot that has been more than twenty years in the making. The novel takes you through the process of trying to find the murderer. His long time friend, and fag hag, Gi-Gi helps Jacob with his personal life, especially with the fact of Jacob's love life. The story also chronicles Jacob's quest in trying to come 'out' to his ultra-conservative relatives in the midst of a family tragedy.

Can't wait until I am finished with it!

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