Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guide To Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Part 3): Where To Eat

In the third installment of my travel guide to the southern most country of our continent, we delve into where to satisfy you taste buds.

With a plethora of burrito stands splattered on the streets coupled with the current exchange rate of the Mexican peso to the American dollar (14 Peso to 1 dollar as of the day of release) you can minimally satisfy your appetite for just pennies on the dollar for no more than $3 to $5 (American).

For your daytime manage, you should definitely check out the beach chair side service provided to you at the Blue Chairs. For an afternoon of cocktails and a mid afternoon lunch and snack, you will leave the beach before heading out for the evening without spending more than $25!

It's gay infused sea-side location couple with its selection of fresh seafood and Mexican/American grub is a perfect addition to your margarita on the beach while you take in the glorious view that the ocean side spot has to offer.

If you are looking for a more flamboyant fare, you will want to sink your teeth into what you can find at the Kit Kat, a hip, upscale restaurant located in the midst of Puerto Vallarta's old town and just a block away from the beach. Definitely not a place to frequent every evening for dinner (entrees are around $15 American), this eatery is a perfect example of how a sleek, uptown New York bistro can find its niche in Mexico.

With appetizers as extravagant as those found in the most posh LA restaurants, and the eye candy which goes along very well with its d├ęcor, you will find this a perfect place to begin a night on the town.

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