Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Articles @ Associated Content

Three years ago, I began to act upon my life long love of the written word. I started to take a more proactive approach to completing the novel which I started writing several years ago, in addition to adding a few other projects.

About this same time, I thought that I should start learning some tricks of the trade and cultivating my writing skills so I began selling articles to Associated Content, a website that purchases your articles for a nominal fee and pays you according to the number of "hits" that your article receives.

The following is a list of my top 7 most popular articles which I have penned.

7. The Underground Railroad In Northern Kentucky Is Still Alive (566 Hits)

6. Learn How To Drink Wine Without Shoving A Foot In Your Mouth (647 Hits)

5. The Color Purple: Directed By Steven Spielberg (803 Hits)

4. Gay Men's Fashion: Jeans (2,511 Hits)

3. Gay Man's Guide To A Break-Up (2,875 Hits)

2. How To Get Over A Break-Up (2,945 Hits)

Drum roll please....

1. What Should Women Wear To The Gym (4,240 Hits)

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