Thursday, May 21, 2009

MTV's "Taking The Stage" In My Backyard

Every so often Cincinnati gets thrown into the nation's spotlight. Some of that light has not been the brightest (i.e. The Cincinnati Riots of 2001 and the resulting boycott by a number of high profile African American entertainers).

Most of Cincinnati's recent nation wide fame has come in the form to television programs, beginning back in the '80's with "WKRP in Cincinnati".

This has morphed into this year's MTV reality show, "Taking The Stage" which follows 5 highschool students attending The School for the Creative and Performing Arts which is located just across the sreet from my appartment.

Several times through out the school year, I have watched as the film crew shot the students in action.

Here are a few pics of Malik and Mia shooting another scene yesturday afternoon.


tmuttley said...

I just saw this show for the first time today- I think I'm gonna be a sucka for it. My son Kali goes there and has kept me in the loop of the behind the scenes, so I thought I would see what the hype is about. You get the prime spot for dishing out the scoop on the up coming scenes when it blows up at the end of the season! Nice!

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

The funny thing is that I do not get close enough to them to actually know what the scene is about. I watch the actual episode to find that out.