Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I thought my my Grandmother told the funniest stories...

I have always been a fan of those who could spin a good story. I remember listening to my Grandmother regail about her younger days and eavesdropping on the "grown folks" at family gatherings talking about the teenage romps of my four uncles.

I recently interviewed a few Metro bus drivers for InTank's Bus Project which will culminate in a theatrical production to be showcased at Cincinnati's Fringe Festival. You can read here about another's experience interveiwing the drivers.

Talk about hitting the jackpot.

Having worked with the public for quite a few years, I was expecting some good stories about the different types of people that you are in close proximity with on a daily basis, but I never would of guessed to get such fascinating stories as the ones that I pulled out of three bus drivers.

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