Saturday, May 06, 2006

Send In The Clowns

Weekends like these are the ones that make me glad that I chose to live downtown. I decided that instead of isolating myself in my dungeon-like basement apartment, I would take a trot to Kaldi's and have a light lunch while I work on an array of items that I have multiplying in my head. At around 11 am, I walk outside of my apartment to head to Kaldi's and am blown away by how clear and blue the sky has become in the hour or so since I had walked in the door from sleeping over a friend's house (a la Cinco de Mayo celebrations).

Because I had to run a few errands before I plopped myself infront of my laptop for a few hours, I hop into my car. Sunglasses dawned and windows down, I am again amazed of the beautiful weather and think of how great all of the outdoor weekend events will be. I took a spin near the Civic Garden Center's Annual Herb and Hostas Sale. It looked like it was hoppin and I heard that they had a great showing at the sale's preview party last evening.

As I sit and write to you guys, I am recalling three things that caught my eye while reading some of the blogs that I follow.

Number 3 :How many jiggers does Jigga have?

Having very similar mannerisms as my younger brother, Jay-Z is one rap artists that continues to hold my attention. If he is not designing his own line of designer watches for Audemars Piguet he his keeping company with 1/3 of one of the most popular female R&B groups that have come along in decades. I recently ran across a picture of Jay-Z a.k.a. "Jigga" playing chin music for none other than Bill Gates, founder and C.E.O. of Microsoft. I wonder what they were rappin' about?

Number 2: E. Lynn Harris takes it to the Church

One of the most provocative popular fiction writers of the day has released his newest novel. E. Lynn Harris has prided himself on writing about the gay, Black, male experience. One could only imagine how hard it is to truthfully convey this particular demographic of people whom have that been misunderstood, shunned and chastised by America and the Black community for so long. His new book is called I Say A Little Prayer, and this time he's taking on the black church. If you thought last year's "outing campaign" was provocative, you ain't seen nothing yet. This book has the potential to be even more explosive. I will definitely place this page turner on my "to read" list. I am currently the process of completing, Freedom In This Village, which is a compilation of Black Gay male writings from the past few decades. Coincidentally, this collection of writings was edited by Sir. Harris.

Number 1: Aint That A Kick In The...

I just thought that sometimes, we all need a little bit of cuteness to enter our lives.

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