Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Wish A N!@#$% Would...

If you are a fan of Cedric "The Entertainer"'s performance in the onstage comedy show/movie called "The Kings of Comedy" you know exactly what is trying to be conveyed by the title of this post.

For those of you who are reading these words with furled eyebrows and a lost look on your face... rent the movie!

Today, a woman was evicted from her home by the City of Cincinnati under the guise of eminent domain. Due to necessity for the greater good, I definitely see the benefits of having the government declare eminent domain. Larger expressways, new sewer lines, you know, things that make our lives run smoothly. The bad thing is, money also makes our lives run smoothly. Or maybe just the lives of those who work in city government.

The neighborhood of Hyde Park knows all about eminent domain. Several homes were seized in order to make way for Rookwood Exchange, a complex of offices, retail, condos and restaurants, can be constructed. Also, adjacent to the University of Cincinnati's college campus, some of the best bars and restaurants were demolished so that a non profit developer could build a couple of pretty looking buildings

The city has done it again. They just kicked an 80 yr old woman out of here own home. From what I can see, its to straighten Dyxmith Ave. so that Good Samaritan Hospital can have better emergency vehicle access. I would who made out on that deal, Good Sam's or the city.

Of course, I could be wrong and I probably am, but it just makes you think.

I wish a N!#$%^ would try and take my house...

Oh wait, I don't own a home...but you get the point.
And now a little old lady

I thought I would add a clip from The Kings of Comedy. I have to warn you, this is an R rated clip.


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